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SoundPractice.Net Hosts Grand Rounds - Carnival of Caregivers #52

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"Dr. Kent Bottles of is hosting this week's Grand Rounds. It is a fine collection of the latest and greatest in medical blogging. His site is notable for many reasons, but the dearest to me is that he's making an effort to record the early history and motivations behind medical blogging, on his podcast interviews.

SoundPractice is one of the newest medical blogs -- it didn't exist when Grand Rounds started, a year ago. Next week, for the first anniversary edition, we turn to one of the oldest medical blogs: DocNotes, by Dr. Jacob Reider." said Grand Rounds (Carnival of Caregivers) founder Nicholas Genes.

According to Nancy Collins, President of Greenbranch Publishing and creator of SoundPractice.Net, "SoundPractice provides the venue and the technology to change the culture and community of medical practice management through podcasting and blogging."

"Additionally, it is the first podcast and blog site dedicated to medical practice management, providing the practice management community with the ability to tap into the rich editorial content of The Journal of Medical Practice Management through audio feeds and online commentary." she added.

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