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New Book 'The Prescription for Financial Health' Because Doctors Financial Future No Longer Secure

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“Unfortunately, while getting their medical training, most physicians had no time to take accounting and finance courses. Their goals were on building their clinical knowledge. As a result, many physicians are unprepared to handle their financial future in a proactive way. Without any tricks or gimmicks, this book provides the data and commonsense financial planning strategies they can trust.” Collins added.

The book focuses on financial issues facing physicians today, namely:

• Achieving financial objectives even in the face of declining practice income
• Protecting current assets from potential lawsuits or other losses.
• Maximizing the value physicians receive from their circle of personal investment, insurance, and legal advisors.

The authors provide no tricks, no gimmicks, just commonsense financial planning strategies and expert knowledge that work. All chapters are designed specifically for the physician-reader.

The authors, Joel M. Blau and Ronald J. Paprocki are the founders of MEDIQUS Asset Advisors, Inc. (, a national financial advisory firm, based in Chicago, serving physicians and health care professionals. Before starting MEDIQUS, they were Vice Presidents for AMA Investment Advisers, an affiliate of the American Medical Association.

In an interview today, Blau and Paprocki said their plan was to provide logically organized chapters, which are written in plain English, to help physicians plan, execute, and follow-through on the right choices to a sound financial future.

“We wrote this book to provide practical information on insurance, retirement plans, as well as moving on to more sophistication financial concerns such as debt and equity investment vehicles, portfolio management, risk management and estate planning,” claims Blau.

Here is the book Table of Contents:

Designing an Efficient Financial Plan

• Hazard Protection: Protecting Your Most Important Asset
• Emergency Funds
• Liquid Investments
• Non-liquid Investments
• Tax Shelters

Strategic Planning

• Compound Interest
• Inflation and Taxes
• Taxation

Investment Vehicles

• Owning or Loaning
• Cash Equivalents
• Bonds
• Real Estate
• Stocks
• Indices
• Sub-Asset Classes
• International Investing

Acquiring Assets

• Individual Securities
• Exchange Traded Funds
• Managed Mutual Funds
• Load Mutual Funds
• No Load Mutual Funds
• Class B Shares
• Mutual Funds Differences
• Bond Funds
• Bonds or Bond Mutual Funds?
• Socially Conscious Funds
• Derivatives
• The Relevance of Fund Size
• Management Style: Active vs. Passive
• Investment Websites


• Variable Annuities
• Equity Indexed Annuities

Investment Objectives

• Investor Profiles
• Economic Indicators
• Key Determinants of Performance
• Adding Stability to Your Investment Portfolio
• Reducing Risk

Education Planning

Retirement Planning

• How Can You Guarantee a Successful Retirement?

Choosing an Efficient Retirement Plan

• Defined Benefits Plans
• Defined-Contribution Plans
• Money Purchase Pension Plans
• Profit Sharing Plans
• Age-Weighted Profit Sharing Plans
• New Comparability Plans
• 401 (k) Plans
• “SIMPLE” Plans
• What Plan Offers the Right Fix?
• Implementing Your Plan
• Participant Directive Accounts
• Qualified Plan Distributions
• Individual Retirement Accounts
• Distributions
• Rollovers
• Avoiding the Early Retirement Withdrawal Penalty
• Beneficiary Designations
• Divorce Issues
• Remarriage Issues

Risk Management

• Disability Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Term Insurance
• Permanent Insurance
• Long-Term Care Insurance
• Women: A Special Need for Long-Term Care

Asset Protection

• Background
• General Concepts
• Are You Worth It?
• Common Misconceptions
• Mistakes to Avoid
• Positive Strategies to Consider
• Insurance
• Gifts
• Tenancy by the entirety
• Debt Shields
• Bankruptcy Exemptions
• Transfers or Transfers in Trust: To a Spouse or Child
• Trust
• Incorporation
• Family Limited (not General) Partnerships (FLP) and
• Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
• Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
• Offshore or Foreign Trusts
• Divorce and Asset Protection
• Techniques That Do Not Work
• Case Studies

Estate Planning

• Goals
• Asset Titling
• Distribution Strategies
• Legal Documents - Wills
• Legal Documents - Trusts
• Beneficiary Designation and Asset Titling
• Intestacy
• Probate
• Advantages of Probate
• Taxes
• Power of Appointment Trust
• Estate Trusts
• Special Rule Charitable Remainder Trust
• Qualified Domestic Trust
• How to Reduce Taxes
• The Use of Documents
• Gifting
• Projected Values of Assets Gifted
• Irrevocable Insurance Trusts
• Charitable Gifts: Another Way to Reduce Estate Taxes
• Paying Estate Taxes