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Medical Practice Management Podcast and MedBlog Site SoundPractice.Net Seeks Underwriting through Closed Bid

Phoenix, MD October 13, 2005 -- Greenbranch Publishing, a leading media company and publisher of medical practice management educational materials, announced today that its management team has initiated a confidential bid process to solicit exclusive sponsorship and advertising of its podcast and medblog site (

“We very carefully selected 25 candidate-companies who meet our criterion as likely partners,” said Nancy Collins, President of Greenbranch Publishing. “We used a four-part selection standard. The company has to demonstrate creative marketing, must want to reach physicians and administrators through the web, have a serious interest in medical education and must recognize the importance of the first mover advantage.”

Exclusive underwriting/sponsorship includes Web site advertising and 15 second “intro spots” or commercials recorded before each podcast.

“Since podcasting is a new media, the existing models for advertising and sponsorship may not work. The relationship with podcast listeners tends to be fairly personal and can be considered the start of a conversation – and those expanding conversations increase value. Based on the availability of high quality content like ours, and on the ability to time-shift listening, our prediction is that podcasting will change physicians’ lives.”

“We have over 45 recorded podcasts now and the list increases by 2-3 per week. The podcasts provide free, high-value content in two forms; as substantive interviews with health leaders by Journal of Medical Practice Management Editor-in-Chief, Kent Bottles, M.D., ( and as professionally-recorded archive content from the Journal. All our podcasts are included on the major podcasting directories such as Apple iTunes, Odeo, and the new Yahoo Podcast Directory. Additionally, SoundPractice.Net is well regarded and a very active participant in the fast-growing medblogosphere.”

“Sponsorship by a large, progressive and forward-thinking company will enable Greenbranch Publishing to maximize the potential of SoundPractice.Net and better serve our physician and practice administrator customers nationwide.” Collins concludes.

A final decision on the winning bid will be made by Friday, October 28, 2005.

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Greenbranch Publishing, LLC, with headquarters in Phoenix, Maryland, is a privately held firm founded in 1998. The company is a leading media company and publisher of medical practice management titles, electronic media and audio conferences for physicians, practice administrators and office practice managers.

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