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Greenbranch Publishing, LLC

Headquartered in Phoenix, Maryland, Greenbranch Publishing, LLC is a privately held firm founded in 1998 and is a leading publisher of medical practice management titles, electronic media and audio conferences for physicians, practice administrators and office practice managers. The company is the publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®, the FAST Practice newsletter, more than a dozen premier text books specializing on the business of medicine and several medical practice Web sites.

The Journal of Medical Practice Management® has been published continually since 1984 (originally by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins). Greenbranch Publishing acquired the journal in 1998 and built its reputation through the delivering the highest quality editorial provided by the most respected names in the medical practice industry. The Journal's prestige is further affirmed by The National Library of Medicine, which has selected the Journal for inclusion in its prestigious Index Medicus and MEDLINE).

FAST Practice is a print and audio publication that allows subscribers to either listen or read their way through the very best of the medical practice literature. Based upon the "journal club" model, Greenbranch delivers a monthly newsletter that includes 60 minutes of commonsense, cutting-edge strategies for success in audio, along with a 16-20 page print newsletter. By reading or listening to FAST Practice, subscribers catch up on an entire month’s worth of successful practice management strategies.

Greenbranch Publishing has carved out its niche as the largest, independent publisher of medical practice texts. With the best eye for manuscript selection, and an experienced team of editorial, production and marketing personnel, Greenbranch brings to market such best-selling titles as:

  • Secrets of The Best-Run Practices Second Edition by Judy Capko
  • 31-1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice Dr. John Guiliana and Dr. Hal Ornstein with Mark Terry
  • Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice - Improving Profitability by Improving Processes by Frank Cohen & Owen Dahl
  • Relative Value Units in the Medical Practice by Max Reiboldt and Justin Chamblee
  • The Physician’s Guide to the Business of Medicine: Dreams and Realities by Jeffrey Gorke
  • M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare - Proven Strategies to Get People to Do What You Want Them to Do by Wendy Lipton-Dibner
  • Take Back Time - Bringing Time Management to Medicine by Judy Capko
  • Keys to EMR/EHR Success - Selecting and Implementing an Electronic Medical Record, 2nd Edition by Ron Sterling
  • The Field Guide to Physician Coding, 2nd Edition by Betsy Nicoletti
  • The Medical Practice Start-Up Guide by Marc Halley
  • The Prescription for Financial Health - An Authoritative Guide for Physicians by Joel Blau and Ron Paprocki
  • Time to Sell? Guide to Selling a Physician Practice: Value, Options, Alternatives by Randy Bauman
  • Cutting Costs in the Medical Practice - 2nd Edition by Alan Whiteman, Jerry Hermanson and Dennis Palkon
  • Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits by Owen Dahl
  • How To Recruit, Motivate, and Manage A Winning Staff by Laura Sachs Hills
  • The Medical Practice Disaster Planning Workbook by Owen Dahl is an exceptional national effort to collect, organize and make understandable, the world’s best information about coding and reimbursement for physician services -- and make it freely available on the website. Practice administrators, physicians, consultants, coders, health professionals, and dedicated individuals are coming together to build the most comprehensive coding and reimbursement resource in the nation. In association with Betsy Nicoletti and Greenbranch Publishing, the Codapedia™ community seeks to create the most comprehensive and collaborative coding and physician reimbursement site. provides the venue and the technology to change the culture and community of medical practice management through this podcasting service. was the first podcast in the world dedicated to medical practice management, providing a vibrant practice management community with the ability to tap into the rich editorial content of The Journal of Medical Practice Management® through audio feeds and online commentary. The goal of is to redefine media by utilizing podcasts and create a National conversation on medical practice management.