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Quality Care, Affordable Care: How Physicians Can Reduce Variation and Lower Healthcare Costs

Quality Care by Lawrence ShapiroNow that health insurance reform has been passed and upheld by the Supreme Court, the real job of reducing the cost of healthcare needs to begin. But reducing healthcare costs is an extremely difficult job, one which requires out-of-the-box thinking to succeed. Fortunately, reducing variation in healthcare delivery offers a great deal of promise while giving doctors the say they deserve in making changes to healthcare workflow.

In Quality Care, Affordable Care, Dr. Lawrence Shapiro explains how by using the simple but potent variation-reduction process, physicians can take charge of healthcare reform to improve health and reduce the cost of care. And he tells the real-life story of how the variation reduction program at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, which he runs, saved $31 million by instituting a series of specialty-oriented variation-reduction programs. He also shares the five pillars of a successful variation-reduction program, and explains how providers can use these approaches to build their own in-house variation reduction effort.  Order Quality Care, Affordable Care here.

The Patient-Centered Payoff Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture and Patient Experience

Patient-Centered PayoffLearn the steps your practice can take to reap the many payoffs of achieving high patient-centered standards without having to make a big financial investment. In The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture and Patient Experience, authors Cheryl Bisera and Judy Capko explain how healthcare professionals and organizations can thrive in the new patient-centered environment.

In their book, Judy Capko and Cheryl Bisera describe how the patient-centered movement has changed medical practice and offer insights into the opportunities this new environment provides to practices. Order The Patient-Centered Payoff here.
The Health Reform Maze: A Blueprint for Physician Practices by Richard L. Reece, MD

On March 23, 2010, Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The various effects of the law are producing confusion, contradictions, and ambiguities in the healthcare system. How do physicians and practice executives navigate through the confusion? The answers are in Greenbranch’s newly released The Health Reform Maze: A Blueprint for Physician Practices by Richard L. Reece, MD. Order The Health Reform Maze here.
31-1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice Dr. John Guiliana and Dr. Hal Ornstein with Mark Terry

Enjoy new control of your practice, profits, people … and life!

Is there formula for running a practice that focuses on healing while still letting you enjoy robust profitability and a personal life, too? Yes! In fact, there are 31 "essentials" - concrete solutions that have been tested, refined and proven to make a difference by highly successful practices. Now, with 31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice you can start using these same ideas to streamline your own practice, contain costs, defuse conflicts, boost reimbursement and increase physician, staff and patient satisfaction. Order 31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice here

Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice Improving Profitability by Improving Processes by Frank Cohen & Owen Dahl

With medical practices facing financial challenges - and lagging 20 years behind other businesses in using Lean Six Sigma to drive profits, Greenbranch Publishing publishes a book by Frank Cohen, and Owen Dahl, Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice - Improving Profitability by Improving Processes. Order Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice here.

Secrets of The Best-Run Practices Second Edition by Judy Capko

UPDATED & EXPANDED - Including four brand new chapters covering today's technologies, economics and changing issues in practice management.

Yes, says practice management expert Judy Capko, and she reveals how in the 2010 Second Edition of her best-selling guide, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices. In plain-English, the author - a noted practice management expert - maps out the smart but ingeniously simple tactics today’s most successful medical practices and ambulatory care centers are using to thrive despite tough economics, tight reimbursement, and practice management issues such as changes in workforce demographics and the prospect of upcoming health care reform. Order Secrets of the Best-Run Practices here.

The Physician’s Guide to the Business of Medicine: Dreams and Realities by Jeffrey Gorke

Ready to find the right medical practice or switch practices? This new book helps you identify the right fit to satisfy your dreams of practicing medicine and having a personal life, too. Order The Physician's Guide to the Business of Medicine here.


M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare Proven Strategies to Get People to Do What You Want Them to Do by Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Bring doctors, staff and patients on board for immediate change and exponential growth.

Are your change initiatives working? Hospitals and healthcare practices can invest thousands in operational systems and seminars, but revenues and patient care won’t improve unless doctors, staff, and patients do their part. To master the people factor in your practice, you’ve got to get M.A.D. - Motivate, Align, Differentiate! Learn to use the formula Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. implements worldwide to help practices improve quality of care and boost revenues (as much as 200% in one year).  Order M.A.D. Leadership here.

Take Back Time - Bringing Time Management to Medicine by Judy Capko

Cure your practice’s “chronic crisis management” syndrome!

Do constant disruptions, priority shifts, scheduling nightmares, rising costs, coding errors, reimbursement hassles and spiking workloads have everyone in your medical practice working harder — yet accomplishing less? Take back control! In her newest book, nationally recognized healthcare consultant Judy Capko reveals simple, affordable and amazingly effective time management secrets for improving the patient experience, empowering staff, creating a smoother, more successful practice … and enjoying a more satisfying personal life, too. Order Take Back Time here.

Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits by Owen Dahl

"Kudos then, to Owen Dahl, on his insightful and helpful book, principally designed in my view to get physicians back on track, enabling them to grasp the main take-home messages from the management and leadership giants ...."

-- David B. Nash, M.D., M.B.A., FACP

Order Think Business! here.