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Medical Practice Branding Using Cable Television

Medical Practice Branding Using Cable Television

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by George Miaoulis, Jr., Ph.D., Mark Kissinger, M.P.H., FACMPE, , and Mary Ann Sirko-Fiorilli, M.S.
Genesis Medical Associates is an independent primary care practice in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Given competitive pressures, a member of the physician leadership began thinking about the need for the practice to develop an ?identity and awareness? program to set the practice apart from the competition. The idea for branding the campaign began when Dr. Rob Potter, Jr., was attending a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game and a fan said to him, ?You?re that doctor I see on television? in the nursing home commercial. Triggered by this experience, Potter saw the opportunity to develop an awareness and identity campaign for Genesis. In this article we share the reasons for, the steps taken, and initial results in developing a medical practice branding strategy.