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Work RVUs and Compensation for Providers

Work RVUs and Compensation for Providers

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Speaker: Frank Cohen

  • CD Recording with MP3 file (audio) and PDF (handout)
  • Length 90 minutes

Greenbranch Publishing is happy to announce a program with in-demand speaker Frank Cohen. With budgets tightening, revenues declining and competition for performance increasing, productivity-based physician compensation plans are on the rise. Unfortunately, many organizations associate volume with productivity and that is a big mistake. In a one-sided productivity model, you get paid more by doing more; but what if the 'more' you are doing does not generate additional revenue?

The answer is the practice will begin to look like the housing market; upside down financially. For any productivity-based compensation program to work, you need to identify three critical data points: how many work RVUs defines 1 FTE, the compensation amount per work RVU and perhaps most important, collection per work RVU during the data period. By controlling for both input (work RVUs) and output (collection per work RVU), you ensure equanimity within the model. Devote 90 minutes and you’ll understand how to use Work RVUs to your benefit!

Hear Frank Cohen's very practical program covering these items:

  • Learn how work RVUs are developed
  • Understand the basics of productivity-based compensation
  • Look at the relationship between work RVUs and productivity
  • Calculate how many work RVUs define 1 FTE for your practice
  • Develop collection-based equations to balance the model
  • Apply the model to your practice

Meet Our Speaker!

Frank Cohen is principal and Senior Analyst for the Frank Cohen Group, LLC. He is a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma and a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. As a consultant and researcher, his areas of expertise include data mining, predictive analytics, applied statistics, process improvement and evidence based decision support. Mr. Cohen is the author of several books, including his newest, “Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice; Improving Profits by Improving Processes” with Greenbranch Publishing. Mr. Cohen has participated in and published numerous articles and studies and trained thousands of CPAs, physicians, administrators and other healthcare professionals in the techniques used to conduct comprehensive medical practice analyses. His clients experience includes hospitals, large and small medical practices, medical and professional associations, legal and accounting professionals, government agencies and other health care professionals.