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Physician/Hospital Integration:The Next Wave or the Next Leap?

Physician/Hospital Integration:The Next Wave or the Next Leap?

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Physician/Hospital Integration: The Next Wave or the Next Leap?

Speaker: Jeffrey T. Gorke, MBA

The mission of this program is to help medical practice executives (administrators, office managers, physicians) along with health system executives gain a better understanding about the evolving new versions of hospital integration. We will address the pros and cons of the new integration cycle, examine the climate for integration, and review key areas to look for and consider when seeking to integrate (be owned by) with a hospital system. The strength of this program is approaching the topic of hospital integration from different points of view! In this unbiased approach to the topic, hear about landmines, issues and benefits.

Join us for only 90-minutes when seasoned practice management expert Jeffrey Gorke will answer these and many other questions…

  • What happens to the management and staff after integration?
  • How are hospital-run groups different from privately held groups?
  • How are deals structured?
  • Is integration better for physicians than private practice?
  • Are the new deals holding on or not?
  • Why are we going through this integration all over again when we did it in the 90s?

There are many questions surrounding these new structures. Participate with us to:

1. Understand the ins/outs of merging with a hospital system
a. Business methodologies and approaches
b. Physician compensation
c. Practice structural changes/reporting

2. Overarching basics/differences, pluses and minuses
a. Accounting functions
b. Staffing
c. Processes

3. Affiliation approaches
a. MSAs
b. Integration
c. Other approaches

4. Learn the basic history/framework of “why we’re here”
a. The 90’s integration bloodbath
b. Different reimbursement approaches of today (e.g. ACOs, etc.)
c. Downward pressures on reimbursement/increasing costs/”safety”
d. Systemic uncertainty

And as a bonus…as a medical practice, is it right for you? We will delineate the positives and negatives to help the physician or practice executive to navigate the decision-making process. Learn to develop a balance sheet with a map towards the right direction!

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Jeff Gorke is a Director with Navigant Healthcare and has approximately 23 years of healthcare management experience. His primary focus has been strategic and operational work assisting clients in macro and micro structural change to enhance processes and programs, drive efficiencies, and improve profitability. Jeff has provided management assistance to both health systems and privately-held physician medical groups and was a member of a practice management advisory board for a large pharmaceutical company. He has a successful record of designing, operationalizing, and implementing strategic initiatives to improve overall performance for clients. Jeff manages strategic and operational components concurrently to improve planning, governance, and top-line management while assuring operational sustainability by driving programs from efficient day-to-day management to billing/collections and data mining for physician groups and healthcare systems. Jeff has also led in the selection and implementation of electronic medical records systems (EMRs) and utilized data mining for clinical efficiency and financial modeling.

Prior to joining Navigant Jeff was the President & CEO of Castle Gate Management, a boutique practice management advisory firm where he provided leadership to large and small medical groups and hospitals. Jeff has written several healthcare articles and his book The Physician’s Guide to the Business of Medicine: Dreams and Realities was published in 2010. Jeff has an MBA from the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond, Richmond, VA, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Fox School of Business, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®

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