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Audits and Appeals: Pre-and Post-Audit Strategies

Audits and Appeals: Pre-and Post-Audit Strategies

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Audits and Appeals: Pre-and Post-Audit Strategies

Speaker: Frank Cohen - Principal and Senior Analyst for “The Frank Cohen Group, LLC”

Greenbranch Publishing is happy to announce another program with in-demand speaker Frank Cohen.

Government health plans and third-party payers have all increased their audit activity. Perhaps you are aware of this, perhaps you are not. You would have to be living in a bubble to not know what a RAC audit is! The fact is, as long as you choose to be in business with partners who are very interested in profit you can expect to be targeted for a recovery audit at one point or another. From experience we know there are three parts to most every audit; the pre-audit risk analysis, the intra-audit contestation and the post-audit mitigation review. It seems as if every medical practice has had to deal with the middle option – the intra-audit contestation… that is arguing over whether a claim should have been paid or not. But very few practices spend any time looking at the pre-audit risk analysis and the post-audit mitigation review – both quantitative in nature and hugely important.

In this webinar, Frank Cohen, data analyst and statistician, will show you how to size up your practice a prior to assess your risk of an audit and then how to analyze the results post-audit to ensure that you aren’t paying back more than you should. If you are involved in the finances of a medical practice, this webinar is a must. And, if you haven’t heard Frank Cohen present to a group, you are in for a treat. We guarantee this program will be worth your time and investment. You won’t even have to travel to hear Frank’s presentation! Learn in the convenience of your own office!

Listen to this webinar to learn the following:

  1. An overview of the different types of audits and practice effects
  2. Understand how the audit process begins and ends
  3. Create a risk assessment for your practice – we’ll show you how!
  4. Learn how to apply basic statistics to reduce damage assessments
  5. Have a strategy to stop auditors from cheating you in the future

Meet Our Expert Speaker(s):

Frank Cohen is principal and Senior Analyst for the Frank Cohen Group, LLC. He is a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma and a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. As a consultant and researcher, his areas of expertise include data mining, predictive analytics, applied statistics, process improvement and evidence based decision support.

Mr. Cohen is the author of several books, including his newest, “Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice; Improving Profits by Improving Processes”. Mr. Cohen has participated in and published numerous articles and studies and trained thousands of CPAs, physicians, administrators and other healthcare professionals in the techniques used to conduct comprehensive medical practice analyses. His clients experience includes hospitals, large and small medical practices, medical and professional associations, legal and accounting professionals, government agencies and other health care professionals.