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Patient Acceleration:Communication Tools to Attract (and Keep) Patients

Patient Acceleration:Communication Tools to Attract (and Keep) Patients

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Patient Acceleration: Communication Tools to Attract (and Keep) Patients

Speaker: Drew Stevens PhD, President of Stevens Consulting Group

The key to growing a medical practice is sending the proper “message” that will attract and retain patients. Patients come to the practice (and remain!) because they trust and respect the physician and staff members. A thriving referral program is one of the keys to medical practice management success. And, you know that the most valuable method to drive referrals is through word-of-mouth.

Does your medical practice send “messages” that work to draw patients into the practice? Or, do your messages turn them away?

For example, how quickly do your staff members answer the phone? Do your staff members employ assertive yet empathetic communication skills? From the patients’ standpoint, is the time with physicians’ quality time? Does it appear that all of the staff members are on the same “team” in the practice?

Do you even know how your messages come across to existing patients…or future patients? Do your doctors and non-clinical staff members send consistent messages?

Issues arise when strong communication is lacking. This can be communication between physician and staff members, physician and patients, between non-clinical staff members. Have your patients ever witnessed staff conflict or bickering during their appointment? Do you know the image of the practice that you are projecting?

Dr. Drew Stevens, presents a session to guide your communication strategies so you can present a stellar image; drive patient referrals. Listen to this session to learn the implied and explicit messages that must be sent to patients to ensure they feel positive about the practice, speak well of the practice, speak well of the practice – all while referring new business to you.

In this practical 90-minute session you will gain:

  • The 5 reasons why your communication has an impact on your customer service and your “word-of-mouth” marketing efforts
  • A new strategy to consider to increase patient acceleration
  • Three useful tools to convert “dead” dialogue into great conversation. These tools will help the physician and staff members to speak more effectively with the patient and to help endear them to the practice.
  • How you and your staff can build an audible message that attracts patients with enthusiasm and emotion.
  • An understanding of how implied messages to patients will help you to develop the practice!
  • The proper tools for building a thriving referral program
  • Three strategies to use strong communication with industry alliances to help drive referrals.
  • Determine how developing the proper messages from you and your staff will help attract patients to the practice…and keep them there.

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White Paper on How to Build Programs to Attract Patients

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Drew Stevens PhD, is President of Stevens Consulting Group, and a renowned author, consultant and practice management expert. As a six-time author with titles such as Split Second Selling, Customer Momentum, and Split Second Leadership, Drew works with doctors and practice managers who struggle like crazy to create customer centric relationships that create new revenue. Dr.Drew has helped thousands of doctors to reach billions of dollars in new revenue by strategically implementing processes and methods that develop new relationships and new revenue. His forthcoming book, Practice Acceleration – Tools for Chiropractors to Dramatically Increase Revenue and Patient Volume is being published by Greenbranch Publishing. Quoted frequently in the media, by periodicals such as The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, Chiropractic Economics, The American Chiropractor and Dynamic Chiropractor, Dr. Drew has written 700 articles on business development and he is an in-demand speaker on the National scene.

Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®


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