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Employee Dishonesty: Can Embezzlement Happen To Your Practice?

Employee Dishonesty: Can Embezzlement Happen To Your Practice?

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Length 90 minutes

Speaker: Donna Weinstock

Price: $237 (plus $9.95 S&H) a CD-ROM of the webinar (and program materials)

Nearly every week our Editors hear a story about embezzlement in a medical practice. Private practices, hospital practices, primary care, surgical, podiatric, chiropractic, it doesn’t matter…it happens all the time.

We, here at Greenbranch Publishing, wish we didn’t have to do this program every year. But in these turbulent economic times, there has been an increase in embezzlement and theft in medical practices.

These are tragic situations and they are ALWAYS a surprise to the physician owners, physician leaders, and administration staff. Make no mistake -- You never think it could happen to you or your practice.

Hospital practices are especially at risk since there may not be the controls in place (or the interest in paying attention) with the recent move from physician-owners to hospital-employed physicians.

Given this, health care practices need to have procedures in place to combat the threat of dishonest employees stealing from the practice.

This very practical session will dissect the reasons behind embezzlement, and provide guidelines for the medical practice to instill a climate of professionalism. There is an amazingly consistent group of  behaviors; people acting in predictable ways that point to embezzlement in the practice.

This program will provide a road map for you on how the medical practice can protect the financial interests. Expert practice consultant Donna Weinstock, will pepper her formal presentation with
scenarios of actual situations of what can happen in the practice.

What is your best protection? Deter dishonest behavior by finding the best employees and encouraging ethical behavior. Set policies and procedures to maintain a professional team – and adhering firmly to those policies. Lastly, set up audits and other controls to ensure that no employee has the opportunity to steal from the practice.

If you are involved in the finances of a medical practice, this conference is a must.

This program will be a terrific investment of your time. Donna Weinstock will discuss:

  1. Describe dishonest behaviors
  2. Identify professionalism in your office
  3. Apply standards for dealing with dishonesty and embezzlement
  4. Understand the motivation behind stealing
  5. Embezzlement is more than just money
  6. Setting iron-clad policies and procedures
  7. Learn how to do surprise auditing, and where to concentrate your attention
  8. Ensure that managers and physicians are role models for employees
  9. Protect yourself and your practice through background checks
  10. Other strategies you can implement today

Meet Our Speaker!

Donna Weinstock, President of Office Management Solutions
Having spent more than 30 years in the industry, Donna Weinstock’s health care
experience is expansive. Her expertise is based on years of working in skilled nursing
facilities, hospitals, medical records, private physician offices and as an office manager in both a neurological surgery and a pediatric pulmonary practice.

She has served as a consultant to hospital committees and has designed face sheets, piloted new software programs and has been active in healthcare networking organizations.

Donna is a speaker, writer and consults with healthcare practices to improve workflow and put new procedures in place. She received her degree from the University of Illinois and her nursing home administrator’s licensure from George Washington University.

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