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Innovative Staffing Practices for the Medical Practice

Innovative Staffing Practices for the Medical Practice

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Length 90 minutes

Speaker: Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE

Have you created the “right” care team for your medical practice – one that is current with today’s delivery system and one that optimizes provider time, practice profitability and patient value? Based on her best-selling book, Innovative Staffing for the Medical Practice, Deborah Walker Keegan will share tools and techniques to help you staff for the future now!

No matter how talented and wonderful your physicians are, the employees in the office can make or break a practice. From the receptionist on the front lines, to the coding specialist behind the scenes, to the caregivers in between, every staff member has a powerful influence on the success of a medical practice.

Listen and you will learn:

  1. How to optimally staff each key patient flow process – the visit, the telephones, and virtual medicine
  2. How to apply expected staff workload ranges to build your staffing model to make sure
    you have the right number of staff deployed to the work
  3. How to staff your telephones – and take action to reduce inbound telephone demand by anticipating patient needs and embracing newer technologies
  4. How to staff for patient financial clearance and take steps to collect patient payments at
    the point of care
  5. How to create a care team – and ensure that clinical pre-visit preparation and standardized work processes prevail
  6. Inventive staffing models, such as “super trained medical assistants”, “virtual” staff, and work segmentation strategies to ensure you have a flexible model to meet workload demands

Meet Our Speaker!

Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE
Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan is a nationally recognized consultant, keynote speaker, and author. She is President of Medical Practice Dimensions, Inc. and a Principal with Woodcock & Walker Consulting. Over 100,000 physicians, practice executives and staff have attended her live presentations, webinars, and audio conferences that are characterized by a dynamic, educational presentation style and “real-life” case material. Dr. Keegan earned her PhD at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, her MBA from UCLA, and she is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Practice Executives. With rich experience in consulting, education, and industry research, Dr. Keegan brings knowledge, expertise and solutions to healthcare organizations.

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