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Physician Compensation Trends: How to Mix Productivity and Non-Productivity Incentives

Physician Compensation Trends: How to Mix Productivity and Non-Productivity Incentives

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Speakers: Max Reiboldt and Justin Chamblee

Length 90-minutes

As the healthcare industry moves slightly away from a strictly fee for service environment, it will be necessary for physician compensation plans to accommodate this dramatic shift in compensation philosophy.

With the need to look at compensation in a very different way, designing or revamping an existing plan can be a daunting task for any healthcare organization. The multitude of issues related to incentives, both productivity based and non-productivity based, require special attention.

This practical 90-minute session, presented by Nationally-Known physician compensation experts from Coker Group, will explore the ways of effectively tying productivity and non-productivity incentives together with physician compensation arrangements. Specifically, it will look at detailed traits of productivity and non-productivity incentives that are being emphasized within healthcare organizations and outline specific ways you can learn to combine these and integrate these into a meaningful incentive structure for your physicians.

The success of a physician's organization is dependent on the design of an appropriate physician pay structure and incentive model. Today, numerous variables must factor into the equation of designing a suitable compensation plan that supports the organization and its employed physicians' needs, but also attracts physicians for the future.

Receive up-to-the-minute detail on the trends for physician compensation – both productivity and non-productivity incentives. Max Reibolt and Justin Chamblee will also discuss model structures, as well as issues influencing compensation distribution, how this information translates to your hospital system or group practice, and what measures should be established to ensure future financial stability.

Listen to this seminar to get caught up on the latest trends:

  • Evaluate the history, evolution and future of productivity and non-productivity incentives
  • Discuss the value of these differing incentives within a compensation arrangement
  • Review how and why these incentives can be interlinked using the most effective approach for your own practice
  • Guidance on establishing financial incentives to promote physician productivity
  • How to maintain the financial viability of the organization with an appropriate compensation plan that meets the organization's and physicians' needs
  • How to address the changing themes in reimbursement structure in compensation plans, such as Accountable Care Organizations
  • Learn to establish an objective methodology for calculating physician compensation, especially related to various specialties
  • Tips to attract top physicians to a practice by providing compensation commensurate with area norms and competitive within the marketplace
  • Guidelines to Invoke partnership attitudes (employment and contracted)

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Program Materials: Handouts are included.

Meet Our Expert Speakers:

Max Reiboldt is president and CEO of Coker Group and with over 40 years of total experience, the last 20 years specifically focused on healthcare. Mr. Reiboldt provides sound financial and strategic solutions to hospitals, medical practices, health systems, and other healthcare entities through keen analysis and problem solving. Working with organizations of all sizes, Reiboldt engages in consulting projects with organizations nationwide. His expertise encompasses physician/hospital alignment initiatives, hospital service line development, clinical integration initiatives, financial analyses, mergers and acquisitions, hospital and practice strategic planning, ancillary services development, PHO/IPA/MSO development, practice appraisals, and most recently, “accountable care era” consultation. As the industry moves to adapting to many changes in response to healthcare reform, Reiboldt is providing hands-on consultation to hospitals, health systems and large practices.

Reiboldt has authored or contributed to many of Coker Group’s 60-plus books. Recent titles include The Healthcare Executive’s Guide to ACO Strategies, and soon to be published: The Healthcare Executive’s Guide to Physician-Hospital Alignment, (©2013, HealthLeaders Media).

Justin Chamblee, MAcc, CPA is a vice president at Coker Group. He works with clients in a variety of strategic and financial areas, mainly dealing with physician compensation and hospital/physician  transactions. This includes the development and redesign of physician compensation plans for private practices and hospital-employed settings, as well as providing guidance to hospitals, physicians and legal counsel as to the appropriateness of transactions between a hospital and a physician.

Justin frequently speaks and has authored several books in cooperation with publishers such as Greenbranch Publishing, American Medical Association and Health Leaders Media. He has a BBA in Accounting and a Master’s of Accounting from Abilene Christian University and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Chamblee works with hospitals and medical practices around the country and their  executive/physician leadership in solving accounting and finance related issues. This involves preparation of fair market valuations and pro forma projections, redesigning compensation arrangements, facilitating hospital/physician negotiations, assisting with mergers/ acquisitions and performing various other finance related projects.