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The Money Conversation: Getting Paid in a High Deductible Landscape

The Money Conversation: Getting Paid in a High Deductible Landscape

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Speaker: Cheryl Bisera

Length 60-minutes

Chery BiseraTo thrive in the new healthcare environment it is vital to address the shift toward cost sharing where patient portions are a bigger piece of your reimbursement pie. Patients’ financial responsibility has increased dramatically with rising co-pays and one-third of U.S. workers on high deductible plans. Practices can no longer afford to write-off as much as half of patient portions! You and your staff members must take a firmer stand on patient collections, and do so in a way that works for patients too. Upfront financial conversations with patients are now an essential part of medical practice. It’s not easy for staff to have the “money conversation” but Cheryl Bisera, author of the new book, The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture and Patient Experience, will teach you, in 60-minute, how taking a patient-centered approach can boost collections and ease the process for staff -- while showing patients you’re on their side too!

Listen to this recorded webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for discussing financial obligations with patients.
  • How to use the power of HealthIT to influence patient expectations.
  • Communication techniques for staff to boost Point of Service (POS) and Over the Counter (OTC) revenue collection.
  • Ways to obtain team support to improve collection efforts throughout the practice.
  • Financial policies and procedures that work.
  • Ways to educate patients about their coverage and coverage options, especially newly insured patients.
  • How to discuss, write up and execute patient payment plans

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Cheryl Bisera, is an author, speaker, and the founder of Cheryl Bisera Consulting, an image development and marketing firm focused on the healthcare industry. Her firm’s key differentiators are attention to internal marketing, practice branding, and patient experience training. Cheryl firmly believes marketing is not only an external activity - it’s also the influence every staff member has on each patient’s experience and perception of the practice or healthcare organization.

A passion for excellence in developing the patient experience and practice image has earned Cheryl impressive testimonials from clients. She speaks for regional medical management organizations and conducts customer-service workshops and training sessions for her clients. She is published in leading industry journals, including Podiatry Management, Physician Magazine, and the Journal of Medical Practice Management, and has also been featured on the popular KevinMD blog.