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RVUs and Cost Analysis

RVUs and Cost Analysis

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Speaker: Kathryn Glass

A recorded audioconference by Kathryn Glass. Revenues minus costs equal the bottom line in any business, including the business of health care. Unless you know what it costs you to provide each and every service or procedure, how do you know if you are making money or not? How do you know if a particular managed care contract would be profitable or not? How would you know how much to compensate your physicians based on their productivity?
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First developed to determine the Medicare fee schedules, RVUs (Relative Value Units) are now recognized as a standard tool for analyzing and improving medical practice productivity as well as financial performance.

In this audio seminar, author and consultant Kathryn Glass will give you all the details you need to know to get started with RVU cost analysis in your own practice.

Kathryn Glass, M.B.A., M.S.H.A., is a nationally recognized speaker and author on all facets of RVUs. In the spring of 2003 MGMA published her latest booked entitled " "RVUs: Applications for Medical Practice Success." "