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Scheduling Secrets for the Medical Practice that Master Workflow and Profitability

Scheduling Secrets for the Medical Practice that Master Workflow and Profitability

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Speaker: Judy Capko

Length 60-minutes

Judy CapkoIt all begins with the appointment schedule. Physicians, staff members, and patients all feel the results of an unmanaged appointment schedule. Frustration and stress level mounts. Patients become more insistent and sometimes indignant.

This no-nonsense program by Judy Capko, author of the book, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, 2nd Edition, and The Patient-Centered Payoff, will give medical professionals and practice managers valuable tools to evaluate your current appointment schedule and to tease out what is working – and more importantly, what is not working.

Of course you understand the implications a poorly planned appointment schedule – wasted time, revenue left on the table, fragmented workflow, staff members’ stress, increasingly important patient satisfaction. But do you understand that adjustments in the appointment schedule are proven and surefire ways to decrease staff frustration, improve the working conditions in the practice and increase revenue through higher productivity and efficiency?

Please give us the opportunity to show you how to do this!

We will provide strategies for you in how your team can tweak your existing schedule, put together a more realistic schedule, and collaborate with the physicians and non-clinical members to make the commitment to shift away from the way you currently schedule. We will teach you a new way to think about your appointment schedule. Remember, managing the appointment schedule will help you manage the day.

As a bonus, we will also cover the concept of group appointments – so you can smartly assess whether they are an option for your practice.

A poorly managed schedule results in lost productivity and compromised profitability.

You will discover options for customizing your appointment scheduling system and applying tools and techniques that improve efficiency and profitability.
This seminar is important because:

  • Identifying the root cause of a mismanaged schedule can result in solutions that work, reducing chaos, improving customer service and increasing the bottom-line.
  • Scheduling plays an important role in keeping patients happy.
  • A poorly managed schedule results in lost productivity.
  • Managing the appointment schedule helps manage the day!

Listen to this webinar and learn the following:

  • Easy ways to rate your existing workflow and scheduling system’s performance.
  • How to pinpoint those scheduling traps waiting to sabotage your appointment schedule.
  • How to meet phantom patient needs and still stay on schedule.
  • Solve your scheduling dilemmas and meet patient demands.
  • Master the appointment schedule; stay on time with our secret strategies.
  • Demonstrate how you can design a realistic scheduling template.

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Judy Capko of Capko & Morgan, is a national healthcare management and marketing consulting firm. She specializes in medical practice operations and practice building techniques and focuses on maximizing resources, building patient-centered strategies and valuing staff contribution. Judy believes we achieve our greatest results by raising others up. Thousands of physicians and administrators have benefited from her advice and innovative, energetic approach to organizational management and strategic planning for more than 30 years. Judy is the author of the 2nd edition of “Secrets of the Best-Run Practices,” and “Take Back Time - Bringing Time Management to Medicine.” She is featured and published in more than 50 prestigious national medical journals. She has also written by-line articles for the Journal of Medical Practice Management, Urology Times, Eye World, Repertoire, Physicians Practice and Practice Link.   Judy is the co-author of Greenbranch’s new and timely book, The Patient-Centered Payoff.