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Disaster Planning - Are Your Prepared? Debra Cascardo,

Disaster Planning - Are Your Prepared? Debra Cascardo, M.A., M.P.A

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Speaker: Debra Cascardo

Most medical practices do not have a coherent vision of response to disasters. Putting together an effective emergency management plan is not a simple task and it requires legitimate time and resources to accomplish. And, once the disaster plan is in place, it needs to be maintained. Debra Cascardo codifies important guidelines that are useful to educate physicians and office staff to disaster planning. (Disaster preparedness is required since the (HIPAA) regulations state that health care organizations must implement contingency planning and disaster recovery processes)
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You'll learn:

  • What constitutes a disaster?
  • The Goal: Minimizing business interruption. Ensure your practice survives a disaster.
  • Preparing for the unforeseen -- we'll show you how.
  • Using your disaster plan as a blueprint for recovery.
  • How to partner with other practices, hospitals and the community.
  • What are the basic services patients expect to receive from your office?
  • Identify the services that are essential to your operation.