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The Use of Business Intelligence in the Medical Practice

The Use of Business Intelligence in the Medical Practice

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Speaker: Tim Coan

Physicians, administrators and office managers are experiencing the increasing difficulties of running a practice. There is increasing pressure on reimbursement, increasing operating costs, heightened degrees of complex things such as information technology, compliance, and regulations. We've come to realize that medicine can no longer be practiced in the old " "Marcus Welby" " fashion where you see your patient and that at the end of the day you get fairly rewarded for your work. Instead, practices have to make business decisions on a regular basis.

Often times we hear the complaints from practices that they don't have good information about their business. That may be because of the lack of good reporting coming out of the practice management system, the inability to understand their financials or detail of their payroll data. So when we talk about business intelligence the word that we use is, " "insight." " For business leaders who are making a decision about their business whether it is a one-physician primary care practice or it's a multi-million dollar corporation the best decisions are ones built on business intelligence

You'll learn how to mine the " "business intelligence" " in your practice. It will aid in better decision-making.

  • How to use information to improve the value of your practice.
  • Key elements of a good business intelligence system.
  • How to increase charges while reducing expenses.
  • How to use data through reporting to drive change.
  • How to use custom analytics.
  • How your practice can gain leverage.
  • Our Expert Speaker - Tim Coan, CEO ALN