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Compliance is Not Dead: Don't Get Stuck Paying Back Money

Compliance is Not Dead: Don't Get Stuck Paying Back Money

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Speaker: Karen Zupko

It's true, the OIG is alive and well and working. It is a mistake for medical practices not to have compliance on their radar screen - and it is a potentially expensive mistake for practices to make. Compliance planning continues to be a " "hot topic" " for medical practices and one that you should not ignore.
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Instead of gritting your teeth, this seminar will show you how to benefit from your compliance plan. You'll be able to identify lost revenue, capture that revenue and find that compliance is good for business! This session will present a strategy for practices to develop a compliance plan that also increases awareness and improved communication among physicians, administrators and coders.

Our expert speakers:

Karen Zupko, from Karen Zupko and Associates, and Rob Falk, from Powell, Goldstein, discuss governmental audit activity and show real life examples of recent court cases.

While fraud does exist, there are also examples of practices having to pay back money -- not because of fraud but because of sloppy coding. The speakers will review these situations and will also discuss how practices can profile their doctors E/M coding (a huge OIG target) and to use the information to improve their compliance efforts. Practices have limited time and resources. How do you integrate a compliance plan into a practice to deal with compliance and coding issues? What do you first?

You'll learn:

  • How your plan can improve revenue and decrease your compliance risk.
  • How to put together a compliance plan suitable for even a small practice.
  • Get the straight scoop on governmental audit activity.
  • Hear actual situations where pay backs occur for coding errors.
  • Hear how other practices are coping with compliance.
  • Learn how to do a meaningful review of E/M coding - a huge OIG target.
  • Learn that an educational focus (rather than a fear-based focus) will benefit your practice, your physicians and your billing and coding staff