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Point of Service Collections: What You Need to Do Now!

Point of Service Collections: What You Need to Do Now!

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Speaker: Karen Zupko

Your patients are pressed for cash. Rising gas prices, increased mortgage payments, job lay offs for some, a falling stock market for all and uncertainty about an economic slow down or full recession all have the same result: it's going to be harder to collect patient balances.
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If you think you do a " "pretty good job" " now, you need to do better in upcoming years. And, failing to do something now, will mean disappointing results at the end of the first quarter.

Substantive changes are required in order for you to improve your point of service collections.

In this 90-minute audio CD, complete with PDF handouts, Karen Zupko will walk you through a series of tactics you can implement today to maintain and improve your daily receipts.

  • Written financial policies and how to communicate them.
  • Introducing payment expectations during the first call.
  • Prior balance collections-a step by step methodology that works!
  • Using payment plans and patient financing programs.
  • Tracking and reporting expectations and successes.
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker: Karen Zupko

    Karen A. Zupko, is the President of Karen Zupko & Associates, based in Chicago. Before Wall Street discovered practice management, Karen Zupko was actively involved in developing the field through educational programs, writing and consulting. Her 25 years in the field demonstrates her belief in and her commitment to physicians. Prior to opening her firm, Ms. Zupko headed the American Medical Association's Department of Practice Management. Beginning solo in 1985, she has built the firm to 21 staff members with specific skills in management, reimbursement, marketing, and managed care contracting. Clients include physician practices, MSO's, academic medical centers, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and medical associations.