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The Efficient and Profitable Practice: Standardize Procedures

The Efficient and Profitable Practice: Standardize Procedures

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Speaker: Owen Dahl

How many activities in your medical office are the same day-in and day-out? And, do you know about the Pareto rule? It is another name for the " "80-20" " rule. The goal of this session is to help you identify those items in your practice that are the same -- and to give you hints and strategies to streamline your procedures, paper, and places.
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Once standardization is achieved, then employees -- your " "knowledge workers" " can and should have the ability to take action and innovate.

Owen Dahl, author of the ground-breaking book: Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits will discuss these topics in a practical 90-minute audio conference. Although activities in today's medical office are more and more complex, many of the activities are more of the same. How about starting off the new year with a practice culture that ensures your staff is properly trained, given the right tools, and given the challenge of working to improve systems in the practice?

Let us show you how!

A variation of the Pareto rule indicates that 80% of what is done routinely in a practice should be standardized while the other 20% requires awareness and the ability to take action either immediately or to be innovative to fix the matter at hand.

Master the following:

1. Identify the 80% routine items in the office and look at ways to standardize those items
2. Learn more about the Pareto will put things in perspective
3. Strategies on how to focus on quality outcomes during EVERY patient visit
4. Learn about strategies to meet routine needs and continuously improve those processes
5. Hear specifics on how to improve patient satisfaction results
6. How to provide tools to your staff to encourage immediate action (and innovation) that will have an effect on everyday office activity.

Owen Dahl will walk you through a series of tactics you can implement today to streamline your office processes and present the framework for innovation by your employees.

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Owen J. Dahl, MBA, FACHE, CHBC, is a nationally-known speaker and
consultant with nearly 40 years in medical practice management - from
entrepreneur, to manager of a $75 million practice with 65 physicians, to
academician developing certification programs for major medical societies.
Mr. Dahl's visionary leadership qualities led him to author the new book, Think Business: Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency