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Laws on Checking and Providing References

Laws on Checking and Providing References

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Speaker: Bob Gregg

As we all know, references are an important part of the hiring process. References are necessary to check the validity of what job applicants say about themselves, to find out what their performance was actually like and to ensure that their credentials are valid.

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At the same time, the reference process has come under increasing attack by unsuccessful job applicants. Cases alleging discrimination, defamation and retaliation have made both the " "seekers" " and " "givers" " of references very wary.

In this lively 90-minute audio conference, Bob Gregg will share experience from cases and practical detail to clarify the reference process for you. References are a valid and necessary part of the hiring process. An employer has legitimate reasons to solicit references, and a former employer has a legitimate authority to provide references. As a practice executive, you'll benefit from hearing about the rights and responsibilities of employers on BOTH side of the reference.

Tune in to learn:

  • Limitations of references.
  • The duty you have to give negative references -- hear about real cases
  • How to effectively conduct criminal background searches
  • Problem areas -- use of private investigators and credit reports
  • Thorough review of Qualified Privilege and impact on the employee and management
  • Privacy Laws List.looking into the non-job related private life
  • Update on ADA -- what not to ask; what you can ask.

Plus, we'll also go over employment screening discussion examples that can guide you.

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

BOB GREGG is a partner with the Boardman Law Firm of Madison, Wisconsin. He has over 30 years of experience in the area of employment relations and has conducted over 2, 000 seminars on employment law. Bob litigates and serves as an expert witness in employment cases. His emphasis is to help employers identify and resolve problems before they turn into lawsuits.