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Use or Abuse of Computers in The Medical Practice

Use or Abuse of Computers in The Medical Practice

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Speaker: Robert Gregg, JD

Increasingly, workplace communication is becoming electronic. The " "e-system" " has replaced the break room as the hub for office gossip, harassment, betting, romantic advances, and a myriad of other forms of indiscretion or illegality. Yet, when the medical practice employer imposes rules or monitoring, employees resist, or sue the practice, over invasion of personal use of " "their" " computer.

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Is your workplace computer system about to become your next liability by the misuse of computers in your medical practice? E-discovery reveals evidence of harassment, discrimination, defamation and more. 101 romantic emails between an office employee and his girlfriend were deemed to be " "public records" " and were released to the press. Busted by your Blackberry?

A federal court decided that electronic calendars are discoverable records, even though they contain personal/family information along with work appointments.

Employers need to be aware of the issues of use, misuse, and rights to properly monitor and control the electronic system. Learn the current issues, legal trends and practical pointers for the electronic operations in your medical practice.

Listen and get the straight scoop on:

  • Office gossip via email: defamation and privacy cases
  • Not just HIPAA.other federal and state laws covering privacy you must be aware of
  • Employers obligations for preserving emails
  • Whose computer system is it anyway? Employer's or Employee's?
  • Pornography, Gambling, Excessive online shopping
  • Risks of mixing in a personal life with office calendars
  • Taking home the E-files
  • Identity theft and other criminal activity in the office
  • Web sites, blogs and message boards
  • Developing and implementing a computer usage policy for the practice
  • Our Expert Speaker:

    Bob Gregg, a partner at the Boardman Law Firm in Madison, Wisconsin, has been involved in Employment Relations for more than 30 years. He litigates employment cases. His main emphasis is helping employers achieve enhanced productivity, creating positive work environments, and resolving employment problems before they generate lawsuits. He has developed the employment policies of numerous employers and reviewed hundreds of employee handbooks. Bob has conducted over 2, 000 seminars throughout the United States and authored numerous articles on practical employment issues. His career has encompassed canoe guide, carpenter, laborer, Army Sergeant, social worker, educator, business owner, Equal Employment Opportunity officer, and employment relations attorney. Bob is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Speakers Association.