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Time Management in Medical Practice

Time Management in Medical Practice

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Speaker: Dan Strakal

Time is a paradox: We never seem to enough of it, but we have all the time there is. Unlike other resources, time is finite. We cannot create more time; instead, we must find ways to use time more efficiently. Medical practices are being called on to have more and more activities in the day: Seeing more patients, more analysis of clinical and financial performance, heightened communication with payers, and increased communication with patients regarding their health plans.

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But managing time is a skill that CAN be learned by the use of proven tools and systems working together. By managing time more effectively, you get more value out of your time and can improve the quality of your life, both inside and outside of the medical workplace.

Successful people use time management to achieve outstanding personal and professional results. In this 90-minute audio conference, we'll describe the key to time management: realizing that you cannot possibly do everything that there is to do; instead, you must consciously choose how to spend the limited amount of time you have each day.

You will learn ways to:

  • Reduce or eliminate wasted time and effort so you have more productive time
  • each day.
  • Improve productivity to accomplish more with less effort.
  • Make time for the important relationships in your life.
  • Focus time and energy on what is most important.
  • Find greater balance and fulfillment.
  • Set and achieve your long-term goals.
  • Meet our Expert Speaker and Author:

    Dr. Dan Strakal is the President and Founder of Capable Consulting, Inc. and has been an expert on the changing workplace, business life, and career transition for nearly 20 years. He is the coauthor of and contributor to two books, Better Job Search in 3 Easy Steps and Better Job Skills in 3 Easy Steps and is the host of the popular syndicated radio program Business Buzz with Dr. Dan. Through his consulting activities, he works with dozens of organizations and thousands of people each year to balance work, family, and life issues and overcome the challenges and barriers they face in creating satisfying and successful workplaces.