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12 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Patient Satisfaction

12 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Patient Satisfaction

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Speaker: Donna Weinstock

There's no ignoring it -- Consumer-directed healthcare is here to stay. You can see how patients are becoming more involved in their care. And, patient satisfaction is the lynchpin of a successful practice. Small or large, medical practices have to improve their patient satisfaction ratings and incorporate more of a " "customer service" " orientation.

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In this 90-minute audio conference, you'll hear 12 specific strategies on how to incorporate a higher level of customer service into your practice and how to treat the " "need to improve" " as an ongoing process with your staff members. Remember, the goal is to exceed the expectations of the patient.

This translates into greater patient satisfaction, fewer patient defections and a more efficient and profitable practice.

What you will learn in the 90 minute Audio Conference:

  • You'll hear our 12 very specific tips (plus bonus ideas) for increasing patient satisfaction
  • Tips cover the Front Desk to the physical space, from collections and billing to personnel issues
  • We're concentrating on easy-to-implement strategies and how you can start today. Remember, it is a work in progress!
  • Within the " "tips" " we'll flesh out ideas on a more efficient office, proven to improve your patient care
  • And our suggestions will be concrete -- examples of ways to incorporate the " "tips" " into the daily processes
  • We'll describe ways to encourage staff to be creative with customer service ideas

As a bonus, at the end of the session, you'll have the opportunity to pose your questions in real time to Donna Weinstock.

Our Expert Speaker:

Donna Weinstock is President of Office Management Solutions based in the Chicago suburbs. She is a business and health care consultant with more than 30 years in the healthcare industry. Her experience as a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and office manager for neurosurgery and pediatrics has given her the know-how on what makes an efficiently run and organized practice. As an accomplished writer and speaker, Ms. Weinstock specializes in office processes and staff development. Ms. Weinstock is also a member of the executive board of her local chapter of PAHCOM (Professional Association of Health Care Office Management)