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Dress Codes in the Medical Practice

Dress Codes in the Medical Practice

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Speaker: Robert Gregg, JD

" "Spandex is a Privilege, Not a Right! Dress Codes and Work Appearance." "

What is " "appropriate" " work appearance? Do you have the right to tell employees what to wear? How much can an employer dictate styles of dress, hair, perfume or jewelry? When do company appearance rules become discriminatory or violate employees' legal rights?

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Employers are often shocked to find they have gone over the line. Sometimes that shock costs dearly in legal fees and damages. This audio conference will cover the practical and legal issues of the current trends in workplace appearance, and what you should and shouldn't do about them.

Listen and find out how to establish practical rules for employee dress and hygiene that will provide guidance for making your practice's dress codes non-discriminatory.


  • When Casual Day Has Gone Too Far
  • What if Someone Claims a " "Right" " to Look Different?
  • What Are the Employers Rights to Regulate Appearance?
  • The Employer's Legal Foundation
  • Dress Codes: Health, Safety, and an Employer's Right to Determine What is " "Appropriate" " for the Practice
  • How to Properly Address Appearance Issues
  • Body Odor, Clothing, Hairstyles, Piercings.

  • Expert Speaker, Robert E. Gregg

    Bob Gregg doesn't talk to his audiences just as a lawyer, but as a colleague who understands " "the big picture." " As an experienced litigator, Bob also knows that lawsuits are destructive. His no-nonsense approach to strategies are designed to help employers solve problems before they generate lawsuits.