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Clinical Integration:
Are Physicians Being Blindsided?

Clinical Integration: Are Physicians Being Blindsided?

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Speaker: Kay Freeman

Physicians and practice administrators understand that the current movement in health care delivery is " "clinical integration" " which technically is the right direction to go.OR is it?

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This 90-minute audio conference will bring you up to speed on clinical integration. After a thorough discussion of the trend, Kay Freeman, in her no-nonsense style, will address the obscure (under the radar) factors driving clinical integration, the impending impact on physicians and practices, who the real players are, tactics to uncover and use hidden opportunities to position physicians to reinstate their leadership role, and the clinical integration structures that are viable alternatives to selling or merging a medical practice.

Hear Kay Freeman address:

  • Who the real players are
  • Who benefits and who loses in clinical integration
  • How physicians can reinstate their leadership role
  • Pitfalls in clinical integration and how to spot them
  • Specific tactics to avoid unexpected consequences
  • Not ready to sell or merge the practice? Discussion of viable options
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    C. Kay Freeman is President and CEO of Health Systems Strategies based in Atlanta, Georgia. Health Systems Strategies and its Medical Practice Strategies Division provide diverse and focused consulting advisory services to physicians, physician organizations, law firms, and hospitals nationwide.

    She Is the author of four bestselling books on physician dynamics: " "Physician Recruitment, Retention & Separation, " " published by AMA; and The Publications, " "Physician Employment Contracts, " " Physician Income Generation & Distribution Plans, " " & " "Administrator Employment Contracts, " " published By MGMA.

    Her extensive experience includes: clinically integrated physician network feasibility, formation, & antitrust issues; practice leadership, organizational structure, & restructure; business strategy & feasibility; practice integration & mergers; related contractual agreements; physician/hospital agreements; disruptive & physician provocation management; and recruited physician selection & retention.

    Program Materials: Hand-outs are included in the CR-ROM provided.