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Dealing With Difficult Patients

Dealing With Difficult Patients

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Speaker: Neil Baum, MD

Difficult patients are a drain on the practice, and they have a higher tendency to sue. Listen and let Neil Baum, the guru of medical practice marketing who literally, " "wrote the book" " will walk you through a 3 - step approach you and your staff can use to diffuse a difficult situation. Then, he'll present logical and practice-protecting strategies that you and your staff can implement today.
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You know the signs of a difficult patient.tone of voice, body language, demanding, impatient, the doctor shoppers. But what do you do once you have a difficult patient in the practice? Difficult patients can take up enormous amounts of time, both for the physician and for the non-clinical staff. Many times the difficult patient may not tell the physician about the problem but will unload on the other staff members. Health issues and fear of the unknown lower the patients' threshold for anger. Add in the financial stress that many patients are experiencing today and the situation can escalate.

Get the inside scoop on how to deal with the following;
  • How to deal with a monetary or billing complaint rather than a clinical complaint.
  • Why documentation especially important with these patients.
  • Patients who make a scene.
  • How to show empathy and use apologies to the greatest advantage.
  • How office surroundings and environment may increase the chance of a difficult encounter
  • Hear suggestions for proactive prevention
  • And, learn about what to do if all else to terminate the relationship to protect the doctor and practice.
  • Using real-world examples drawn from Neil Baum's own case files and own successful urology practice, this audio conference will give you the roadmap for dealing with difficult patients in the medical practice.
  • Why do Patients become difficult?
  • How difficult patients can impact your practice.workflow, referrals, legal
  • Why it is important to deal with the difficult patient
  • What are the clues that you have a difficult patient?
  • Step-by-Step approach to managing the difficult patient
  • The use of the " "I'm sorry principle" " and how to use it.
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker: Neil Baum, MD

    Neil H. Baum, M.D., is Associate Clinical Professor of Urology at Tulane Medical School and Louisiana State University Medical School, both in New Orleans, LA. He is also on the medical staff at Touro Infirmary and Memorial Medical Center, both in New Orleans. Dr. Baum is the author of the best-selling books, " "Marketing Your Clinical Practice, Third Edition, " " " "Take Charge of Your Medical Practice: Before Someone Else Does It for You, " " and " "Disaster Planning for the Clinical Practice." "

    He speaks regularly on strategies for marketing the medical practice. Dr. Baum has served as a member of the editorial boards of The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Postgraduate Medicine, Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality, Options in Medicine, Clinical Geriatrics, and other periodicals. He has co-authored six books and has presented more than 150 presentations at medical meetings and symposia, both on clinical topics and medical practice management topics.