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Professionalism and Image in the Medical Practice

Ethics, Professionalism and Image in the Medical Practice

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Speaker: Donna Weinstock

A practice can manage their mission and goals, but they are not always able to control the behavior of their employees. This audio-conference is a look at what is professionalism and ethical behavior as it relates to a practice's image. Now more important than ever, a practice has to differentiate itself from other practices.and encouraging professional and ethical behavior is crucial for the medical practice's image to the outside world.

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Also covered in this audio conference is an inside look at the handling of difficult ethical and legal situations such as embezzlement or employee theft. There are ways to protect yourself and the practice from fraud and embezzlement. In this lecture, learn the following:
  • How to define office ethics and professionalism
  • Tips for achieving the practice image you want
  • Goals and mission of the practice as they relate to professional and ethical behavior of all employees -- clinical and non-clinical staff members
  • Learn how to apply standards for dealing with unethical behaviors
  • Setting up policies, procedures and consequences for unethical behavior
  • Embezzlement -- this is theft. How to protect yourself and your practice from unethical and illegal activities.
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    Donna Weinstock is the President of Office Management Solution whose approach to running a healthcare practice involves a unique mixture of improving operations, increasing patient satisfaction, and encouraging employee retention. Donna consults with healthcare practices to improve processes and increase profits. She also writes employee handbooks, job descriptions and procedure manuals.

    As a speaker, trainer and writer, Donna presents on business management topics including Hiring and Employee Retention, Communication, Patient Satisfaction, Lean Healthcare, Professionalism and Time Management.