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EMRs from Your Hospital/PHO: A Practice Survival Guide

EMRs from Your Hospital/PHO: A Practice Survival Guide

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Speaker: Ron Sterling

Under the changes to the Stark Laws, a number of hospitals and PHO organizations are offering medical practices an EMR that is sponsored, and/or offered by the hospital or PHO.

EMRs from Your Hospital/PHO: A Practice Survival Guide reviews the key issues needed to ensure that your practice makes the right decision and protects your interests. This session will help you understand the strategies needed to establish and maintain a balanced relationship with your EMR provider who also happens to be a key patient care partner.
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Topics covered include:
  • Determining the Real Costs -- Some hospital EMRs cost more than you think.
  • Decision Factors -- Special Issues You Need to Consider Before Committing
  • Strategic Implications of Accepting/Rejecting the EMR -- Balancing the costs and benefits of the Hospital Initiative with your Practice Needs.
  • Key Contracting Issues -- Making sure that your needs don't outrun hospital commitments.
  • Implementation Challenges -- Understanding the Unique Challenges a Hospital EMR Presents to Your Practice
  • Maintaining Your Practice Interests -- Discuss the go forward strategies needed to make sure you maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Listen and learn:
  • Key issues to consider in accepting an EMR from a Hospital or PHO
  • Coping Strategies for your Decision
  • Working with the Hospital/PHO EMR initiative while maintaining your independence
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    Ronald B. Sterling, President of Sterling Solutions, Ltd., is a nationally recognized expert on the selection and implementation of electronic medical record and practice management systems. He has authored four books on practice-based computer systems including the recently published Keys to EMR Success with Greenbranch Publishing.

    Ron Sterling has worked with practices and clinics in over 30 states. Mr. Sterling has reviewed electronic medical record and practice management systems from over 150 vendors.