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E/M Services:
The Rules of the Road

E/M Services: The Rules of the Road

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Speaker: Betsy Nicoletti

E/M services are billed by most specialties and account for a high percentage of services for many practices. Knowing the rules for these services help a practice get paid for the services it provides while staying in compliance. This audio conference will start with a discussion of the E/M guidelines. The Documentation Guidelines for E/M services are complicated and have considerable areas open to opinion. Let Betsy Nicoletti separate the gray areas from the clear, black and white areas in history, exam, and medical decision making.
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The second half of the session will cover, definitively, the rules for the most common E/M services. These services account for 30% of the revenue paid by Medicare for all physician services. For many specialties, E/M codes account for a much higher percentage of total practice revenue. Maximum reimbursement depends on understanding the rules related to these services.


1. The difference between a 99213 and a 99214,

2. What are acceptable shortcuts in documenting history?

3. What needs to be documented for high level visits (level 4/5 new patients and consults, level 2/3 admissions)

4. The rules related to billing for E/M services including consults, office visits, preventive medicine services, hospital visits including critical care and observation,

6. We'll show you where to find the rules related to these services!

Meet Our Expert Speaker and Author:

Betsy Nicoletti is the author of The Field Guide to Physician Coding, published by Greenbranch Publishing. She is the owner of Medical Practice Consulting, a consulting firm whose mission is to help doctors get paid. Besides doing auditing and compliance work, she is a frequent speaker and consultant in practice management, coding education, billing and Accounts Receivable. She holds a Masters in Organization and Management from Antioch New England and has worked in and around physician offices for over 20 years.