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RVUs: How to Use this Valuable Management Tool in Your Practice

RVUs: How to Use this Valuable Management Tool in Your Practice

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Speakers: Katheryn Glass and Jeffery Milburn

Hear from Kathryn Glass, the Expert who literally, " "Wrote the Book on RVUs" "

Although RVUs (Relative Value Units) were created as a payment methodology for Medicare, they have evolved into a valuable practice management tool used to track provider productivity, measure and define costs, negotiate managed care contracts, compensated physicians and benchmark key indicators. If you aren't tracking them and using them to their full value in medical practice management, you're missing a key piece of your practice's success. In this lively coverage of the topic, Kathryn Glass and Jeffrey Milburn will explain RVUs in layman's terms and show you practical applications of RVUs that are used by successful practice administrators and office managers every day.

Listen and learn:

1. Gain an overall understanding of RVUs

2. Learn how to track provider productivity using RVUs

3. Learn how to analyze costs using RVUs

4. Learn how RVUs are used in managed care contracts

5. Discover the pros and cons of using RVUs in physician compensation

6. Learn some key indicators for RVU benchmarking

Meet Our Expert Speakers:

Kathryn Glass is a nationally recognized speaker and author on all facets of RVUs. Her latest booked entitled " "RVUs: Applications for Medical Practice Success, 2nd edition" " was published by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) early this year. During the 7.5 years that she was with MGMA and its Center for Research, she was responsible for several of the largest research projects related to relative value units, physician profiling, cost analysis, practice improvement and financial performance. Ms. Glass was a co-author and editor of the MGMA Chart of Accounts for Health Care Organizations. In addition to her books, she is the author of a dozen published articles related to RVUs and has presented on RVUs at nearly 30 conferences.

Mr. Milburn until recently was the interim CEO and senior vice president of a ninety-physician multispecialty group practice located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He provides unique perspective due to his work with an organization that has seen its physician compensation systems evolve through a variety of models over 25 years. Jeff is very familiar with a variety of production-based, RVU, and cost allocation compensation models. As former chief financial officer, he has a broad understanding of financial management and medical practice operations. He was responsible for all managed care contracting along with other duties.

Jeff has been an independent consultant with MGMA for a number of years focusing on physician compensation, managed care, and general financial management. In October 2005, he completed a five-year term on the national MGMA Board of Directors, the last two years of which he was Chair of the Finance Committee. In addition, Jeff is a current member and past chair of the MGMA Survey Advisory Committee that provides guidance on the format and content of all MGMA Survey publications. He is also a member and past chair of the MGMA Financial Management Society. In 2007, he received the Edward B. Stevens Article of the Year Award by the American College of Medical Practice Executives and MGMA for his article on claims denial management. In addition, he was a contributing author on the recently published book by Kathryn Glass RVUs: Applications for Medical Practice Success.