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Disruptive Physician Behavior and How to Deal with It

Disruptive Physician Behavior and How to Deal with It

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Speaker: Randy Bauman

Physician behavioral issues take a toll on medical groups, and practice leaders often lack the basic tools to address them. Physicians behaving badly is far too common, and this kind of disruptive behavior comes with a price.

All too often, medical practice leaders and administrators look the other way when physicians are disruptive or behave inappropriately. They don't deal with bad conduct for a variety of reasons and allow physicians to continue to act out in ways that they would never tolerate from a staff member. Do you recognize any of these behavioral issues? If so, this audio conference will show you how to recognize and manage chronic disruptive behavior instead of looking the other way.

* Unwillingness to adhere to practice policies
* Constant tardiness, disorganized, unable to maintain a schedule
* Unprofessional appearance or demeanor; poor bedside manner
* Unwillingness to see a full patient load, help out in a pinch, or assume responsibility
* Clinical " "laziness" " - not interested in keeping up on advances in the field; stubborn, inflexible
* Argumentative (always right, never wrong).
* Complaining to patients, staff, physicians outside the group about colleagues and internal matters
* Using critical, derogatory, foul, or crude language.
* Inappropriate expressions of anger, resentment, extreme negativity, moodiness, or irritability
* Threats of violence or legal action directed at staff, partners, patients.
* Offensive humor, sexual innuendo, sexual harassment.
* Unethical, illegal or unscrupulous behavior; lacking a sense of morality.

What You Will Learn in the 90 minute Audio Conference:

* How to define and recognize disruptive behavior
* How to distinguish between unconventional and truly disruptive behavior
* How to determine whether a situation in your practice warrants action
* When and how to intervene
* How to deal with the situation if your physician group leader is the problem
* Do's and don'ts
* When to get outside support
* What to do when nothing works

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Randy R. Bauman is president of Delta Health Care, based in Nashville, and the author of the new publication from Greenbranch Publishing, Time to Sell? Guide to Selling a Physician Practice: Value, Options, Alternatives. He has been actively involved in the business of physician practice for over 20 years, writing, speaking and consulting to improve economics and satisfaction in physician practices.

Prior to joining Delta Health Care, Mr. Bauman was a managing director with Chicago-based LINC Management Services and a management consultant with both Control Data Corporation and KPMG Peat-Marwick. He joined Delta in 1993 and developed the firm's expertise in mergers and group formations, which resulted in the creation of some of the largest and most successful medical groups in the country. His clients include physician practices, national hospital systems, not-for-profit hospitals, MSO's and national contract management companies.