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Make Your Practice Shine
-- In Good Times and Bad

Make Your Practice Shine -- In Good Times and Bad

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Speaker: Judy Capko

Physicians and administrators share the same goals of " "Making the Practice Shine, " " as they struggle with complex problems involved in managing a busy medical practice. This 90--minute audio conference will give attendees specific and valuable tools to measure practice performance and understand their role in keeping the practice on solid ground. Physicians and management will learn how to identify problems before they get bigger, communicate expectations and execute sound strategies to weather storms and keep the practice shining.
Hear Judy Capko on the no-nonsense advice of what it takes to do the following:
  • How to assess and understand the practice's position;
  • What key indicators are essential to measuring practice performance?
  • The power of business intelligence to keeping pulse on the practice;
  • Where the money comes from and how to plug revenue leaks;
  • How to spot red flags and trouble-shoot problems;
  • The importance of communication, setting expectations and providing staff support;
  • Successful marketing and growth strategies;
  • What is required to be a Best-run practice?

  • Meet Our Expert Speaker: Judy Capko is the founder of Capko & Company. Judy has specialized in medical practice operations, marketing and risk management for more than 20 years. She is the author of the runaway best-seller, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices published by Greenbranch Publishing and her latest book, Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to Medicine. Judy's emphasis is on building patient-centered strategies and valuing the contribution of the staff. Beyond this, she focuses on maximizing resources, resulting in improved operational and financial performance. Hundreds of physicians and administrators have benefited from her advice and innovative, energetic approach to organizational management and strategic planning. Judy has gained national recognition in her field, working with both small and large practices, as well as major academic faculty practices from coast to coast. Judy is a popular speaker for major health care conferences, national specialty associations, health care systems, regional medical societies and health care executive summits. She has been interviewed by and authored hundreds of articles for over 30 prestigious national journals.