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RVU's at Work

RVU's at Work

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Relative Value Units in the Medical Practice Speakers: Max Reiboldt and Justin Chamblee

The Relative Value Unit (RVU) system can be a powerful tool to help you manage your practice. When analyzing the many services you provide, the RVU system can help you compare one service to another in an objective, meaningful manner. In today's healthcare arena, the focus on RVUs continues to expand.
Even though RVUs were created as a payment method for Medicare, they have become a valuable tool for tracking provider productivity, measuring and defining costs, negotiation managed care contracts, compensating physicians, and benchmarking key indicators. In this session you will discover practical applications of RVUs and vital information about work RVUs. You will be able to track provider productivity using RVUs, analyze costs using RVUs, and define how RVUs are used in managed care contracts.

Learning Objectives:
  • Comprehend the history of RVUs, how they are determined, and know what their three components represent
  • Recognize how the RVU system translates into money for your practice through the RBRVS system used by Medicare and other payers
  • Employ the RVU system for practice analytics: analyze and manage your costs; justify your fee schedule; and negotiate with payers
  • Apply RVUs as a productivity indicator: measure and compare the productivity of your providers by using the Work RVU
  • Bring into play RVUs to compensate physicians
  • Meet Our Expert Speakers

    Max Reiboldt, CPA

    Max Reiboldt is President and Chief Executive Officer of Coker Group and has led the Firm's growth since the late 1990s to its position today as one of the leading healthcare consulting firms in the U.S. and abroad. He is a prolific author and accomplished public speaker on healthcare management topics.

    Mr. Reiboldt provides sound financial and strategic solutions to hospitals, medical practices, health systems, and other healthcare entities through keen analysis and problem solving. Working with organizations of all sizes, Reiboldt engages in consulting projects with organizations nationwide. His expertise encompasses employee and physician employment and compensation, physician/hospital affiliation initiatives, business and strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, practice operational assessments, ancillary services development, PHO/IPA/MSO development, practice appraisals, and negotiations for acquisitions and sales. He also performs financial analyses for health care entities as well as buy/sell agreements and planning arrangements for medical practices.

    Justin Chamblee, MAcc, CPA

    Justin Chamblee, CPA, MAcc, is a Manager in Financial Services for Coker Group. Mr. Chamblee works with clients in a variety of financial areas and ventures, including valuations, appraisals, mergers and acquisitions, pro formas, expert witness testimonies, and financial assessments. His strong background in accounting, financial analysis, and problem-solving gives him insight into clients' unique financial needs and goals.

    Prior to joining Coker, Mr. Chamblee was a Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he worked on financial statement audits for multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies including the review of documents to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission; working closely with executives, such as the Controller and Director of Financial Reporting; working as an audit team member solving complex accounting issues; performing technical research; and serving on the coaching staff.