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Who's Stealing Your Money?

Who's Stealing Your Money?

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How to Find an Extra $100, 000 (and more) in Your Practice Speaker: Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Thousands of doctors and administrators lose sleep every night, worrying about their practices, their overhead, and their ever dwindling profitability.

Perhaps you're one of them - up nights thinking about the fact that you are seeing more patients and bringing home less money.

Are your decreasing revenues entirely a function of changes in reimbursement, or is there something else that is " "stealing" " your money?
Learn the secrets that Wendy Lipton-Dibner used to find hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden money in:

  • A 10-physician practice where billing employees selected out EOBs that were too much trouble to pursue.
  • A 6-physician orthopaedic practice where physical therapists were losing patients by doing what they thought was right for the patient.
  • A 3-physician practice where staff inadvertently sabotaged a new doctor because they 'didn't like her.'
  • A 5-physician surgical practice where the turnover rate required them to recruit and train a new employee every 3 months.
  • A 6-doctor dental practice where staff thought that insurance companies knew better than the doctors regarding what was best for their patients.
  • A 12-physician cardiology practice where lack of cooperation and poor communication among the physicians negatively affected their reputation throughout the community.
  • A regional hospital where staff and physician behaviors affected their ability to recruit and retain the best candidates, diminished the quality of patient care, and cost them dramatically - in dollars and in lives.

  • Hint: The solutions to these problems weren't operational - they were interpersonal.

    In point of fact, millions of dollars are lost every year in healthcare because of these dangerous and costly trends:

    Healthcare dollars are " "stolen" " by staff members who:

    * Develop mistake-producing short cuts;
    * Take elongated breaks or call in sick when they're not;
    * Display image-damaging behaviors to patients and referring doctors;
    * Sabotage change initiatives through deliberate efforts to maintain status quo;
    * Allow their negativity, gossip and backstabbing to get in the way of patient care;

    Patients " "steal" " revenues when they:

    * Fail to follow through on treatment recommendations;
    * Don't pay bills in a timely manner;
    * Try to negotiate fees;
    * Pit one doctor against another;
    * Sue for malpractice because of mis-communications or inadequate trust;

    Doctors " "steal" " their own profits when they:

    * Get overwhelmed with work and allow tempers to flair, damaging rapport and credibility with colleagues, staff and patients;
    * Fail to follow up with referring colleagues or to network for new connections;
    * Are remiss in completing charting or transcriptions;
    * Don't communicate effectively with staff or patients; or
    * Let problems go unresolved due to conflict aversion.

    Even trusted administrators " "steal" " healthcare dollars when they:

    * Can't focus on strategic planning because they have to devote their time to managing the people problems that come up every day;
    * Get stuck in task-orientation or people-orientation and don't effectively maneuver between them;
    * Inherit teams with long-standing resentments and unproductive habits; or
    * Ignore interpersonal issues due to their own discomfort or lack of skill managing conflict and emotions.

    How much could you increase your revenues if you knew how to fix these problems? How much could you improve your patient care?