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Secrets to Financial Policies that Really Work

Secrets to Financial Policies that Really Work

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by Judy Capko

Now more than ever, your medical practice needs a firm plan and roadmap to ensure that you get paid for the good work you do. Patients are confused about their payment responsibilities, third part payers seek ways to reduce reimbursement to physicians, and delayed payments have a huge impact on cash flow. This practical 90-minute course by management guru Judy Capko will cover the importance of a formal and workable structure to get paid. You will also gain an understanding of what sabotages the ability to optimize collections and improve accountability within the office. Attendees will get a clear understanding of what compromises financial policies and what is essential in developing effective policy guidelines. This seminar is important because:

* Structure is critical to financial accountability
* Monitoring and analyzing the practice's financial performance is essential
* Patients are confused about their payment responsibility
* Third party payers seek ways to reduce reimbursement to physicians
* Delayed payments impact cash flow

Invest 90-minutes of your time to learn the following:

1. Communication tools that optimize collections without compromising patient satisfaction
2. How to hold the " "right" " people responsible for practice finances
3. The technical components of a workable financial policy
4. Tips to enforce financial policies
5. Ways to improve consistency and outcomes with patient finances
6. How to spot red flags and what to do about it.

Program Materials: Hand-outs and audio file included on CD.

Meet Our Expert Speaker: Judy Capko is a specialist in medical practice operations, marketing and risk management. She is the author of the runaway best-sellers, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices published by Greenbranch Publishing (and the 2nd Edition is in production) and her latest book, Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to Medicine. Judy's emphasis is on building patient-centered strategies and valuing the contribution of the staff. Beyond this, she focuses on maximizing resources, resulting in improved operational and financial performance. Hundreds of physicians and administrators have benefited from her advice and innovative, energetic approach to organizational management and strategic planning. Judy has gained national recognition in her field, working with both small and large practices, as well as major academic faculty practices from coast to coast. Judy is a popular speaker for major health care conferences, national specialty associations, health care systems, regional medical societies and health care executive summits. She has been interviewed by and authored hundreds of articles for over 30 prestigious national journals.

Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®