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Surviving Health Care Reform: Seizing Control in an Age of Uncertainty

Surviving Health Care Reform: Seizing Control in an Age of Uncertainty

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by Marc Halley

Health care reform has taken a number of twists and turns over the past several months. At this point, two things are certain:
  • First, the health care topic will remain a highly visible national concern -- and high visibility always increases regulation.
  • Second, reimbursement for medical services will decrease.
  • Cost reduction for Medicare patients (and for Medicaid patients) has been, is, and will continue to be an overriding theme for the executive and legislative branches of government. According to author and national health care consultant, Marc Halley, MBA, health care providers must focus on three business imperatives to survive. First, they must capture and retain market share in primary care medical practices (the " "relationship" " providers).
    Specialists and hospitals must maintain access to these relationship providers and their referrals. Second, providers must have access to capital, most of which is generated by hospitals with the help of specialty physicians. Third, providers must be prepared to continue delivering high quality care and caring more efficiently than in the past through increased productivity. In " "Surviving Health Care Reform: Seizing Control in an Age of Uncertainty" " Mr. Halley discusses all three business imperatives, with special attention placed on the issue of productivity in medical practice settings.
    Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will understand the general health care trends as a basis for conversation
  • Participants will understand the three business imperatives for coping with health care reform
  • Participants will learn to assess and improve physician and staff productivity in a medical practice setting, including concepts of " "Highest and Best Use Staffing" ".
  • Program Materials: Handouts and audio file included in CD.

    Meet Our Expert Speaker: Marc Halley is President and Chief Executive Officer of Halley Consulting and Co-Editor of Greenbranch Publishing's book, The Medical Practice Start-Up Guide. Marc has provided management and consulting services to medical practices for more than 20 years and has worked with a variety of specialties, including hospital-owned medical practice networks across the United States. He has negotiated numerous contracts to acquire medical practices on behalf of hospitals in highly competitive environments, served as senior operating officer of primary care networks, facilitated the financial turnarounds of hospital-owned medical practice networks and worked with physicians to take primary care networks into risk-sharing arrangements, including carrier contract negotiations for a 100-physician primary care panel.

    Marc is a frequently requested speaker, addressing governing boards, senior executives, physician groups, management teams and national organizations, including the American College of Healthcare Executives, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Medical Group Management Association, state hospital associations, The Healthcare Roundtable and many more. He has authored and co-authored several articles that have been published frequently in industry publications such as Healthcare Financial Management and the Journal of Medical Practice Management.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®