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EHR and Medical Malpractice Risk:
Issues at Hand

EHR and Medical Malpractice Risk: Issues at Hand

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by Ronald B. Sterling, CPA, MBA

The Healthcare Information Technology Stimulus Incentives will trigger a massive move of physician practices from paper charts to EHR. However, this massive move will not necessarily decrease the malpractice risk in physician practices. The transition to Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) may expose physician practices to MORE malpractice risks due to a number of product, implementation, and usage issues. Practices must be aware of the malpractice risk issues associated with the use of EHRs, as well as be prepared to develop and use risk mitigation strategies.
In this fast-paced and timely audio conference, Ron Sterling, author of the HIMSS Book of the Year Award Winner, Keys to EMR Success: Selecting and Implementing an Electronic Medical Record will cover the following topics:

  • Discuss the Role of Selection, Implementation, and Use and Malpractice Risk
  • Examine EHR Design Issues that Create or Control Risk
  • Review Controllable Risk Issues and Mitigation Strategies
  • Present Strategies to Influence EHR Use and Mitigate Malpractice Risk
  • Discuss EHR Product Factors and Malpractice Risk
  • Examine the Key Malpractice Risk Issues Associated with EHRs
  • Discuss Malpractice Risk Assessment Strategies Related to EHR Use

  • EHRs can help address a number of the patient service and operational issues faced by medical practices. However, failure to methodically select, implement, and use EHRs can lead to additional malpractice risk. Join us and hear the detail on the risk factors associated with the use of EHRs by physician practices. You'll also learn the specific risk mitigation strategies to address these risk issues. By implementing these ideas, the practice can ensure that the EHR produces effective results, improves patient service, and cuts the risk of encountering problems.

    Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    Ronald B. Sterling, CPA, MBA, is President of Sterling Solutions, Ltd. He is a Nationally Recognized expert on the selection and implementation of electronic medical record and practice management systems. He has an independent consulting practice and has worked with a wide array of practices, clinics, and healthcare organizations in 30 states.

    He has authored five books on practice-based computer systems including the HIMSS 2008 Book of Year Award winner Keys to EMR Success: Selecting and Implementing an Electronic Medical Record by Greenbranch Publishing.

    Ron Sterling offers high impact ideas and valuable insights on how to use EMR systems to improve patient service and practice results. He has reviewed electronic medical record and practice management systems from over 150 vendors.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®