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Selling a Physician Practice -- a Timely Guide

Selling a Physician Practice -- a Timely Guide

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by Randy Bauman

Physicians continue to line up to sell their practices and hospitals are buying them up at a rate not seen since the 1990's. But it is different this time around -- prices and terms bear little resemblance to that time.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will only accelerate this trend. The chance to leave the vast uncertainty health reform created and the complexity, business risks and stagnant economics for the perceived security of a larger organization is attractive to be sure. But selling isn't always a slam-dunk solution.

This audio conference, directed at the physician and the administrator or practice manager, examines this trend, the process of selling and...the alternatives to selling.

While physician practice sales were popular in the 1990's, what is different this time around? Understanding the sales process including practice valuations, negotiating strategies, along with the do's, don'ts, and pitfalls of selling out, will help participants decide if now is time to explore this option.

Tune in and hear Randy Bauman on the following:

  • The current state of the physician practice sales marketplace
  • Why physicians sell
  • The impact the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have on practice sales
  • Steps practices should take to prepare for potential sale and maximize their value
  • What should practices look for in a potential hospital purchaser
  • Practice valuation fundamentals -- what is your practice worth
  • What should they expect during the sales process
  • Negotiating strategies -- what is important and what isn't
  • Compensation structuring
  • Post-sale issues you should watch out for
  • And.are there alternatives to selling

  • Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    Randy R. Bauman is president of Delta Health Care, based in Nashville, and the author of the new publication from Greenbranch Publishing, Time to Sell? Guide to Selling a Physician Practice: Value, Options, Alternatives. He has been actively involved in the business of physician practice for over 20 years, writing, speaking and consulting to improve economics and satisfaction in physician practices.

    Prior to joining Delta Health Care, Mr. Bauman was a managing director with Chicago-based LINC Management Services and a management consultant with both Control Data Corporation and KPMG Peat-Marwick. He joined Delta in 1993 and developed the firm's expertise in mergers and group formations, which resulted in the creation of some of the largest and most successful medical groups in the country. His clients include physician practices, national hospital systems, not-for-profit hospitals, MSO's and national contract management companies.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®