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Physician-Hospital Alignment to Create Accountable Care

Physician-Hospital Alignment to Create Accountable Care

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by Deborah Walker Keegan

" "Accountable Care" " is here to stay. What is an Accountable Care Organization and Why Should I Care?

We don't know for sure if accountable care organizations (ACOs) will end up being the " "preferred" " model of care in the new healthcare environment. But what we do know for certain is that the emphasis on " "accountable care" " is here to stay.

-- Payers are reimbursing for quality and cost outcomes as part of clinical integration strategies involving physician-hospital alignment (e.g., pay-for-performance);
-- Patients are increasingly requiring transparent value in the cost and quality of their experience; and
-- Recent laws and regulations are serving as " "steerage" " mechanisms to more closely align physicians and hospitals. In this audioconference CD you will learn strategies to help your organization plan and position itself for accountable care. Participate with us to:
-- Learn the definition of an accountable care organization and what your organization should watch for in the health reform debate;
-- Learn the driving forces for accountable care organizations;
-- Understand the financial and operational impacts of aligning hospitals and physicians for accountable care;
-- Explore a continuum of structural models that are currently used to integrate and align hospitals and physicians toward common cost and quality goals;
-- Learn how organizations today have successfully improved their value proposition to payers and patients; and
-- Learn key ingredients for successful physician-hospital alignment.
Meet Our Expert Speaker

Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan is a nationally-recognized consultant, keynote speaker, and author. She is President of Medical Practice Dimensions, Inc. and a Principal with Woodcock & Walker Consulting. With more than 25 years of experience, she helps health care organizations improve medical practice operations, enhance physician and staff productivity, and align physician compensation systems. She has co-authored four best-selling books: one on physician compensation plans, two on physicians billing and revenue cycle improvement and one on staffing strategies for the medical practice. She earned her PhD at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management and her MBA at UCLA.

Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®