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Patients to Profits:
Smart Marketing Strategies

Patients to Profits: Smart Marketing Strategies

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Catherine Maley, MBA

It has never been more important to position your practice in the marketplace and to visibly differentiate your practice versus your competition. " "Marketing" " your practice does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. In this 90-minute audio conference, Catherine Maley, the nationally-known speaker and author on smart marketing strategies for medical practices, will provide practical and time-tested tips that will help the all-too-busy practice leader implement smart marketing ideas immediately.

Learn how to leverage your existing patients to brag about you and your practice, use your staff members creatively (and inexpensively) to attract new patients, and employ smart ways to work with affiliates in your community to drive referrals.

Using real-world examples drawn from Catherine Maley's own case files, this audio conference will give you the roadmap for creating a practice that sets you apart from the competition, and increase your profits along the way!

Tune in to learn:
  • How to and where to successfully advertise in today's media world
  • Yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, internet, TV, cable, radio
  • Image advertising vs. direct-response advertising
  • Define preferred patients
  • Speak in the community and let them promote you (hospital PR, medical association PR )

  • Low cost/no cost ways to market to your current patients
  • Clean up the office
  • In-House signage: posters, digital frames, TV monitor
  • Informative practice brochure
  • On-hold messaging
  • Email marketing
  • Invoice stuffer
  • Testimonial album(s)
  • Meet the doctor
  • Targeted direct mail
  • Turn your staff into profitable revenue-generators
  • Ongoing, never-ending improvement
  • Weekly meetings:
  • Name tags, business cards, desk signs, lapel pins
  • Contests

  • How to set up automatic referral systems
  • Awesome customer service so they brag about you
  • Patient survey/comment card on their way out - Thank you note card
  • Bond/build rapport
  • Giving thanks

  • Win-win strategies when working with alliances
  • Lunch and learn seminars
  • Present to their staff
  • Invite them to your place for meet and greet
  • Joint emails, postcard, newsletter, event signage, co-opt advertising
  • Participate in fundraisers
  • Offer to speak in community
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    Catherine Maley, MBA, is the Author of a popular book with physicians called Your Aesthetic Practice/What Your Patients Are Saying. She also speaks regularly at aesthetic medical conferences and writes frequently for the various trade publications on PR, advertising and creative marketing strategies that attract patients. Ms. Maley is President of Cosmetic Image Marketing where she has a team of designers, writers and technical people to provide everything an aesthetic practice needs to drive aesthetic profits.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®