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Surviving the Move to Your Second EHR

Surviving the Move to Your Second EHR

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Ronald B. Sterling, CPA, MBA

Between the government's definition of a " "Certified EHR" " to acquisitions of EHR vendors and discontinued products, a number of practices with EHRs will be moving to a new EHR product. Unfortunately, many practices who have tried such a move have been left with problematic results, and, in the worst cases, substantial losses of key patient information. Indeed, some of these changes have exposed practices to lapses in their ability to meet basic medical record retention requirements. Hear Ron Sterling as he analyzes the practicalities of switching from your current EHR to the next EHR system for your practice.

  • Strategic Considerations -- Discuss Considerations in an EHR Move
  • Analyzing Your Current EHR Information -- Analyzing Current and Future EHR Data Issues
  • Converting Your Medical Records- Maximizing Benefits on Moving Data Between EHRs
  • Transitioning to a New EHR -- Moving to a New EHR Poses a Number of Challenges to Assure Patient Service and Continuity of Your Practice
  • What you will learn in this course:
  • Strategies to Prepare and Survive an EHR Move
  • How to Keep Up with the Complexity of Moving Data between EHRs
  • Survival Techniques for the EHR Move
  • Ronald B. Sterling authored the HIMSS Book of Year Award winning Keys to EMR/EHR Success, Second Edition. Ron, President of Sterling Solutions, Ltd. is a nationally recognized expert on the selection and implementation of electronic health record (EHR) and practice management systems. He is independent and has worked with a wide array of practices, clinics, and healthcare organizations in 35 states.

    Ron Sterling offers high impact ideas and valuable insights on how to use EHR systems to improve patient service and practice results. He has reviewed electronic healthcare record and practice management systems from over 150 vendors. He is a frequent contributor to a wide range of publications including the widely used Marketing You Clinical Practice.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®