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Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice - The Time is Now

Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice - The Time is Now

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Frank Cohen and Owen Dahl

With medical practices facing financial challenges -- and lagging 20 years behind other businesses using Lean Six Sigma to drive process improvement and profits, the authors of the Best-selling book, Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice, Frank Cohen and Owen Dahl, will translate for you the principles and tools of Lean Six Sigma specifically for the medical practice environment. This practical 90-minute audio conference brings Frank Cohen and Owen Dahl, leading figures on the National scene and the first time they are joining forces for an audio conference on this topic, conveniently to your own office! Drawing on their front-line experience with practices, Frank and Owen will show you how to use process improvement tools to boost efficiency so more of your practice revenue goes right to the bottom line.

Remember that profitability is a ratio of revenue over expense. To be more profitable, one only needs to increase the numerator (revenue) or decrease the denominator (expense). The problem is, for most medical practices, little can be done to satisfy these criteria. Since being?profitable is critical to the continuation of providing quality care and, at least in the traditional method, it is difficult for practices to have an impact on the ratio. What is the answer? Simply put, it is increasing efficiency.

Join us for 90-minutes and learn the following:

  • Identify and define the principles of Lean Six Sigma -- Total Process Improvement??How to develop the framework for implementation
  • How process improvement teams differ from other teams. How to provide step-by-step project management.
  • Toolbox -- A compilation of the most applicable Lean Six Sigma tools for the practice
  • How to streamline project management; eliminate bottlenecks and use data and metrics
  • Learn about the different deployment platforms and understand the use for each.
  • In this session, you will be introduced to process improvement models based on both Lean and Six Sigma with a focus on how medical practices can apply these to improve quality, profitability and compliance.

  • What type of improvements can practices make.
  • Learn how to use analytics to identify inconsistent behavior by payers -- so practices can hold payers' feet to the fire
  • See how process improvement can help practices reduce denials by upwards of 50%?Use these techniques to improve both patient satisfaction and boost staff morale
  • Learn how to eliminate bottlenecks in your practice and use metrics to make smart practice improvement decisions
  • Don't miss out on this exciting program -- start today with your own commitment to process improvement in your medical practice.

    Meet Our Expert Speakers:

    Frank Cohen, MPA, MBB, is Principal and Senior Analyst for The Frank Cohen Group, LLC. He is a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma and a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. As a consultant and researcher, his areas of expertise include data mining and analysis, predictive modeling, applied statistics and evidence-based decision support. ??Mr. Cohen is the author of several books, including his newest, Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice: Improving Profits by Improving Processes. Mr. Cohen has participated in and published numerous articles and studies and trained thousands of CPAs, physicians, administrators and other healthcare professionals in the techniques used to conduct comprehensive medical practice analyses. His clients experience includes hospitals, large and small medical practices, medical and professional associations, legal and accounting professionals, government agencies and other health care professionals. Frank is a sought-after speaker on the National healthcare scene.

    Owen Dahl, MBA, FACHE, CHBC, is the owner of Owen Dahl Consulting, in The Woodlands, Texas and the author of Think Business! -- Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency and Profits -- a guide to applying business fundamentals to the practice of medicine. His second book is an eBook complete with template, The Medical Practice Disaster Planning Guide. He also co-author of the best-selling book, Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice: Improving Profits by Improving Processes. Owen is certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has 30 years experience in consulting, running a medical billing service and managing medical practices. Prior to establishing his independent consulting firm, Owen was a hospital administrator. More recently, he was the Chief Executive Officer of SALCO management, a New Orleans, LA company that grew from one oncology client to over 20 with 65 physicians directly managed by the firm. SALCO was selected as one of the top 10 places of employment in New Orleans in 2003-04. Owen's passion for education inspired him to develop the review course that lead to Certified Healthcare Business Consultant designation.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®