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The Medical Practice ACO Blueprint for Success

The Medical Practice ACO Blueprint for Success

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Julian D. (" "Bo" ") Bobbitt, Jr.

Our Editorial team recently heard Bo Bobbitt present on the topic of accountable care organizations. Based on that experience, we knew that we needed to bring Mr. Bobbit's frank and practical presentation to our Greenbranch Publishing clients. In contrast to untargeted theoretical presentations on this topic, The Medical Practice ACO Blueprint for Success is a practical, non-technical strategic briefing for medical practice leaders on accountable care organizations (ACOs).

It discusses what they are, why and how they will impact your practice, and how to succeed in the accountable care era, whether creating or joining an ACO. You will be given specific tools and strategies from the perspective of physicians and their practices. There are 8 essential elements to an accountable care organization. Do you know what they are?

Julian Bobbitt, Partner from Smith Anderson, is not a new-comer to this topic. He has been working in this area for many years. This presentation is devoted to physicians, administrators, office managers and business managers in the medical practice. Also, consultants who need to ramp up quickly to understand accountable care organizations are welcome to join! Devote just 90-minutes to this audio conference and you'll find that his assessment of the landscape (and his no-nonsense presentation style) will get you and your practice up-to-speed on this important topic.

Listen in to learn the following:
  • The 8 essential elements to succeed...How to quickly size up whether an accountable care organization option has these elements -- or could achieve these elements
  • Understanding of the increased role of systems-based care and how to maximize its benefits for you and your patients.
  • Negotiation skills when confronted with an ACO contract. Ability to identify traps and opportunities.
  • How each specialty can maximize their contribution to, and thus reward from an ACO.
  • Know the step by step process to create a successful ACO from concept to bonus payment distributing reality.
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    Julian D. Bobbit, Jr. -- Partner, Smith Anderson

    Julian D. Bobbitt, (Bo's) law practice focuses on providing strategic general counsel and regulatory guidance for health care organizations. He is involved in business planning, resolution of complex legal and health policy questions, and advanced negotiations for his clients. He works in the legal issues involving antitrust, Stark, federal and state anti-kickback laws, managed care contracting, federal legislative and regulatory advocacy, HIPAA and related privacy and security laws. His practice is concentrated in the area of representing clinically-integrated hospital and physician organizations, physician-owned Health Information Technology companies, accountable care organizations, patient-centered medical homes, health information exchanges, and nonprofit and professional associations, to achieve process, outcomes, and cost improvements in health care delivery. He has extensive experience in developing and drafting accountable care shared savings and other pay-for-performance contracts.

    Mr. Bobbitt has spoken nationally to both legal and medical audiences and written in both legal and medical journals concerning health law and policy issues.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®