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Is Your Practice at Risk for Embezzlement?
How People Steal From Medical Practices

Is Your Practice at Risk for Embezzlement? How People Steal From Medical Practices

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Donna Weinstock and Dr. Donald Elton

Embezzlement by employees has become more rampant than ever before. Whether you are a physician or a practice 90-minutes learn what you can do to protect your practice from embezzlement and unethical stealing!

Greenbranch Publishing has had programs on this topic in the past. And we continue to hear the stories of the practices that have suffered theft at the hands of employees. small amounts stolen from a practice result in the employee being fired, sometimes with criminal charges, sometimes not. Sometimes large amounts embezzled from practices don't get noticed by the office manager or administrator until it is too late. There is no doubt that doctors and practices are embarrassed and angry when someone steals from their practice. Medical Practices, especially in small offices, are exposed where there are fewer employees to handle the financial aspects, and the physician may have hands off or trusting attitude.

Hospital practices are especially at risk since there may not be the controls in place (or the interest in paying attention) with the recent move from physician-owners to hospital-employed physicians.

In these turbulent economic times, there is an increase in embezzlement and theft in medical practices. This program brings together expert practice consultant Donna Weinstock with Dr. Donald Elton, the author of the new book, " "How to Steal From a Medical Practice" ". Together they will provide a road map for you on how a medical practice can protect their financial interests. They will pepper their prepared comments with scenarios of actual situations of what can happen in the medical practice. Make no mistake as these situations are always a surprise to the physician leaders and administration staff.?? What is your best protection? Deter dishonest behavior by finding the best employees and encouraging ethical behavior. Set policies and procedures to maintain a professional team -- and adhering firmly to those policies. Lastly, set up audits and other controls to ensure that no employee has the opportunity to steal from the practice.

More than ever, Medical Practices need to protect themselves from embezzlement by employees.

This audioconference will teach you the following:
  • Understand the motivation behind stealing
  • Embezzlement is more than just money
  • Setting iron-clad policies and procedures
  • Learn how to do surprise auditing, and where to concentrate your attention
  • Ensure that managers and physicians are role models for employees
  • Protect yourself and your practice through background checks
  • Other strategies you can implement today!
  • Meet Our Expert Speakers:

    Donna Weinstock is the President of Office Management Solution whose approach to running a healthcare practice involves a unique mixture of improving operations, increasing patient satisfaction, and encouraging employee retention. Donna consults with healthcare practices to improve processes, increase profits, decrease waste and implement electronic health records. She also writes employee handbooks, job descriptions and procedure manuals.

    During her 30 year career in healthcare, Donna worked in medical practices first as a receptionist and biller, then a practice manager. This allows her to fully understand the challenges of a healthcare practice. She is able to identify with all aspects and therefore help practices improve and implement changes.

    As a speaker, trainer and writer, Donna presents on business management topics including Hiring and Employee Retention, Communication, Patient Satisfaction, Lean Healthcare, Professionalism, Time Management and Electronic Health Records.

    She has her bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her nursing home administrator's licensure from George Washington University.
    Dr. Donald Elton lives in Columbia, South Carolina and he's the author of the new book, How to Steal From a Medical Practice, published in 2011. He completed medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, and completed his internal medicine residency and pulmonary diseases fellowship at the University of South Carolina/Dorn Veterans Hospital/Palmetto Health Richland Hospitals in Columbia, SC. He has practiced pulmonary and critical care medicine in Orlando, FL, and Columbia, SC, and has practiced emergency medicine in Orlando, FL and Sumter, SC. His medical interests include pulmonary vascular diseases, left ventricular diastolic dysfunction, clinical research, and education.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®