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Power Negotiating - Managed Care Contracting

Power Negotiating - Managed Care Contracting

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Tom Hajny and Bruce Lefco

In the age of ever-larger payers with ever larger market share it may feel like all you have is a pointy stick to do battle with the kings of the jungle when negotiating your managed care contracts. In this session, you will hear how to negotiate from a position of strength to optimize your medical practice's financial position.

Invest 90-minutes of your time and hear Tom Hajny and Bruce Lefco as they provide a no-nonsense session that includes these hot topics: Preparing for the negotiations, understanding how the current contract is performing and how to use that in the negotiations, understanding your place in the market and how its valued, setting up a managed care payment audit system monitoring payments and when, in the negotiations, is time to say, " "enough" " !

From the session, Participants will be able to:
  • Evaluate their value in their market;
  • How to prepare for negotiations;
  • Define their " "Must Have" " Negotiating Points;
  • Set up system to Evaluate and Monitor existing contracts;
  • Determine Profitability of each of their contracts;
  • Meet Our Speakers!

    Tom Hajny - Tom's experience, gained over 20 plus years in healthcare, includes: designing and developing financial and revenue cycle systems for a one-of-a-kind, start-up Preferred Provider Organization; Director of Revenue Cycle within a large integrated healthcare system; Director of an Independent Physician Association and; ten years as a revenue cycle and financial consultant with roles as interim director, project manager and advisor on creating project plans for revenue cycle improvement.

    As an advisor to top management in healthcare revenue cycle processes, Tom has worked with every type of healthcare facility in the pursuit of designing systems, developing staff, and implementing processes which enhanced cash flow, lowered costs, and delivered customer service excellence. Tom has written extensively on healthcare revenue cycle issues for professional journals (most notably The Journal of Medical Practice Management).

    Bruce Lefco - Bruce has over thirty years of experience in the healthcare arena. He has proven experience in healthcare benefit consulting, senior leadership and health care mergers and acquisitions, working with both hospital systems and physicians. In 2006, Bruce co-founded, and was Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman of Health Payment Systems, Inc. Bruce worked with most of the large hospital systems in Wisconsin. From 1996-2006, Bruce was President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthEOS by MultiPlan, Inc. (" "HealthEOS" "), which became Wisconsin's largest PPO during his tenure, serving over one million Wisconsin lives.

    Bruce is currently Managing Partner of Avery Telehealth Partners, with a focus on addressing the issue of patient readmissions under healthcare reform.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®