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Are You Communicating What You Want To Say?

Are You Communicating What You Want To Say?

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Donna Weinstock - President / Office Management Solution

Perception is reality. Therefore it is not always what a person says, rather what the recipient hears and how those words are interpreted. In your medical practice, your daily communication is not only with your patients, but with others in the office. This practical, 90-minute audio conference will cover concepts to help you handle and address issues with patients, staff, peers and bosses to encourage a more positive outcome.

Tune in to hear Donna Weinstock with a no-nonsense framework for communication in the medical office that includes the following:
  • Smart ways to handle telephone calls
  • Communication strategies with patients who are face-to-face in the office
  • The pros and cons of emailing
  • How body language can say more than your words actually do
  • Communication via social networking as you advertise your practice -- the benefits and risks of this type of communication.
  • At the end of the session, you will be able to:
  • Describe different types of communication;
  • Analyze verbiage that offers calming effect;
  • Apply effective communication techniques with patients, staff and between employees;
  • Identify key phrases that will encourage positive communication;
  • Discuss the issues with regards to emailing patients;
  • Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of using social networking in your practice;
  • Meet Our Speaker!

    Donna Weinstock - is the President of Office Management Solution whose approach to running a healthcare practice involves a unique mixture of improving operations, increasing patient satisfaction, and encouraging employee retention. Donna consults with healthcare practices to improve processes, perform workflow analysis, increase profits, decrease waste and implement electronic health records. She also writes employee handbooks, job descriptions and procedure manuals.

    During her 30 year career in healthcare, Donna worked in medical practices first as a receptionist and biller, then a practice manager. This allows her to fully understand the challenges of a healthcare practice. She is able to identify with all aspects and therefore help practices improve and implement changes.

    As a speaker, trainer and writer, Donna presents on business management topics including Hiring and Employee Retention, Communication, Patient Satisfaction, Lean Healthcare, Professionalism, Preventing Embezzlement, Time Management and Electronic Health Records.

    She has her bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her nursing home administrator's licensure from George Washington University.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®