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Tis' The Season To Make (and Save) Money

Tis' The Season To Make (and Save) Money

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Karen Zupko and Cheyenne Brinson, MBA, CPA from Karen Zupko & Associates (KZA)

Think about it. We don't know for sure what Medicare will pay on January 2nd 2012. And, they don't know either! It is a scary time for medical practices. Some experts tell us that it is likely Medicare will freeze payments in early January. What would a freeze do to your cash flow? Given this enormous uncertainty, we urge you to tune in to this program. You may feel like you are not in control but be assured, there ARE things in your practice you can control. Karen Zupko and Cheyenne Brinson will show you what you can control and give you strategies to incorporate right now, while you're waiting to see what Medicare does.

Right now, you need to think differently about every aspect of your revenue cycle. " "We're doing pretty well" " thinking isn't good enough to sustain you.

Look at target marketing, for example. Are you able to attract the types of patients you want? Probably more than you realize. Is it possible to cutting expenses and improving efficiency at the same time? Yes, and we'll show you specific examples.

In this webinar, Karen Zupko and Cheyenne Brinson will walk you through the concepts, the products and services and demonstrate specifically how you can make and save money at the same time. It is possible!

Tune in for this value-packed webinar. You wil not be bored -- Karen and Cheyenne guarantee it -- and they promise not to just " "read" " their slides to you!

What you learn:
  • How to rethink your P & L and dig out those important details.
  • Improve ordering of all supplies and services. You can do this!
  • Use of four important technologies that will help you improve charge capture, reduce risk and contribute to improved cash flow.
  • Learn how to conduct competitive bidding.
  • Look at your revenue cycle with a fresh eye and do a end-of- year dash to cash!
  • We'll teach you how use scheduling as a competitive advantage.
  • How to use your website and social media to reach out patients-improve access, improve care and improve satisfaction.
  • Technology and system security pointers.
  • Hints to energize your staff to action!

  • Meet Our Expert Speakers:

    Karen A. Zupko is the President of Karen Zupko & Associates (KZA), based in Chicago.

    " "In Karen We Trust!" " was a comment on an evaluation form from one of Karen's recent speeches. Karen Zupko is known for providing practice management education in an entertaining, informative and sometimes humorous way. With more than 25 years of experience behind her and a clear cut vision for the future, Karen has leading edge solutions for practice problems, and cost effective ideas to offer physicians, administrators, managers and coders.

    Karen leads her eponymous firm of 23 people in their work nationally with solo, group and academic practices. The team writes for seven different publications, speak on practice and reimbursement for 10 National Specialty Societies and consults with practices in all 50 states.

    Cheyenne Brinson, MBA, CPA

    For over a decade, Cheyenne Brinson has helped physician practices ranging in size and specialities solve business problems. She draws upon her experience as a CPA and her hands-on management experiences to help physicians across the country build solid internal controls, reduce overhead, reduce risk and increase revenue. Prior to joining KZA, she was a Director in a primary care practice where she turned around the practice from operating in the red to profit in less than one year. She led an implementation team to open a new clinic site -- fully functional on an EMR. Ms. Brinson's recent accomplishments include: saved a practice $89K in staff costs by appropriately implementing technology and improving efficiencies, revamped a surgery coordination process to increase patient collections by 25%.

    As a speaker, Cheyenne draws upon her experiences in the field as a practice management consultant and delivers relevant, timely and anecdotal information in an upbeat fashion. She is on the national scene speaking for state specialty societies and administrator organizations.

    Moderator: Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management®