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The Candidates and Healthcare

The Candidates and Healthcare

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The Presidential election is about 18 months away; but with the primaries very early in 2008, many observers believe that both parties will have their candidates in place before Lincoln’s birthday (February 12th for those who don’t remember their grade school history). The big change is “super duper� Tuesday (February 5) where as many as 23 states, including California and Florida, will have primaries, essentially creating a national primary day. On the Democratic side, Senator Hillary Clinton holds a commanding lead in the polls over Senator Barack Obama with John Edwards in third place. However, Edwards hasspent a great deal of time in Iowa, home of the first vote in their caucuses, and a victory there may give him someneeded momentum. The problem for him may be the ability to compete against Clinton in the February 5 primaries, which will require extensive and expensive television advertising.